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HCL Workload Automation 10.2.2 is here, bringing a wave of exciting new features designed to streamline your processes, giving you more control than ever before. Let's dive into the key enhancements:

Simplified Installation and Management:

  • Installation Without Root Privileges (All Components): You can now install all HCL Workload Automation components, including server components and fault-tolerant agents, using a regular user account. This eliminates the need to share root user passwords, enhancing security compliance.<
  • Easier Orchestration CLI Configuration: Manage multiple HCL Workload Automation environments effortlessly with the Orchestration CLI's new configuration file support. Switch between contexts to tailor your workflow scenarios for optimal efficiency.

Modernized Workload Automation:

  • Orchestration CLI Model Commands: The Orchestration CLI now boasts model commands, allowing you to create and modify object definitions directly through the command line. This replaces the need for traditional composer commands, offering a more modern and efficient approach.
  • Automation as Code (JSON & YAML): Embrace DevOps practices by defining object definitions in JSON and YAML formats. Leverage the readability of YAML and the parsing simplicity of JSON to streamline workload automation tasks.

Deeper Observability and Security:

  • Observability with OpenTelemetry: Gain valuable insights into your HCL Workload Automation environment's performance and behavior. OpenTelemetry support empowers proactive problem solving, informed decision-making, and improved system reliability.
  • CyberArk & Kerberos Integrations (Dynamic Agents): HCL Workload Automation 10.2.2 simplifies security by including CyberArk and Kerberos integrations pre-installed on dynamic agents. This streamlines configuration and strengthens overall security posture.

Additional Enhancements:

  • Serviceability improvements: Benefit from a range of serviceability enhancements, including UNIX support for populated data directories and an improved wa_pull_info script for streamlined troubleshooting.
  • FIPS Compliance (Future Release): While FIPS compliance is not supported in this release due to ongoing development, a new enablefips parameter allows you to check FIPS settings before installation or upgrade.
  • Improved Job Management: Enjoy better job definition management. When adding a job definition with its description to a job stream, the description remains visible for clarity.

Stay tuned for more! This blog post highlights some of the most notable enhancements in HCL Workload Automation 10.2.2. We encourage you to explore the official documentation for a comprehensive list of features and updates.

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