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Are you planning to migrate from an old legacy automation solution to a more robust and technological advanced automation solution? Introducing HCL EasyMove, the fast and easy way to migrate to HCL Workload Automation (HWA). Automate beyond boundaries and orchestrate the ecosystem around your business-critical processes with HCL Workload Automation.  

With experts on board and conversion tools you can now easily switch from an old legacy automation solution to HCL Workload Automation seamlessly. The proven 4 steps migration technique that HCL EasyMove has, helps you to migrate to a robust automation solution. Our migration framework is an extensive process and comes with various support levels from basic to comprehensive. To enable a risk-free, fast and smooth migration with HCL EasyMove take advantage of our 4-step proven path to Workload Automation. 

4 step migration technique

Fig1: 4-step migration technique

Step 1:  Workload Assessment 

To initiate the migration, the first step will be to understand and evaluate the current scheduling solution followed by finalization of the new workload automation environment. To ensure that the end result is feasible and valuable for the organization, the project scope is analyzed along with understanding of some of the internal and external factors. 

Step 2:  Infrastructure Deployment 

Once the workload assessment is done, the next step is to bring into play the new scheduling infrastructure. During the deployment of new infrastructure none of the existing infrastructure is modified or changed this is done to ensure that the business will run as usual and there are no changes in the live environment.  

Step 3: Data Migration 

The next step is to extract data from current scheduling tool and the trained resources team enables this by converting the current scheduling tool to offline. During this process there is zero business impact and near zero downtime. 

Step 4: Go Live & Enablement 

The last step in our proven 4 step migration technique is to go live and enablement of the features of HCL Workload Automation. This happens once all the approvals are in place and the customers’ requirements are met during the data migration phase ensuring that the process runs error free. To ensure that the organization is fully enable to enjoy the features of HCL Workload Automation our on-board migration specialists will assist you. 

HCL EasyMove: Take advantage of Migration & Conversion Offerings 

There are 3 migration and conversion options available on HCL EasyMove 

  • Migration from any batch scheduler to our solution i.e. mainframe or distributed. 
  • Move from our mainframe platform to our distributed platform. 
  • Move from on premise to a full software as a service (SaaS) solution. 

HCLSoftware will provide tools and experienced migration specialists to assist you to have a risk-free, fast and smooth migration. The level of assistance can range from basic to comprehensive. The assistance level can be reached upon the successful completion of migration assessment which is generally carried out by the specialist team who eventually will be providing the service 

With HCL Workload Automation, automate anything, run anywhere 

Some of the benefits of migrating to HCL Workload Automation Solution are: 

  • Robust automation platform with lowest TCO in the market 
  • Full support for containerized environments  
  • Get centralized dashboard access to measure performance and report insights  
  • Seamlessly orchestrates complex workflows across multiple platforms and applications 
  • Gain Single Point Access to create, manage and monitor multiple jobs. Safeguard key business processes 
  • Accelerate service delivery, reduce downtime and improve compliance and security 

Sign-up for a free migration assessment from our migration specialists today!Click here.   

For more information regarding Professional services, visit ourproductandservices page. 

Learn more about HCL Workload Automation here or drop us a line at


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