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A question which everyone would have in mind while Upgrading to WA 9.5 is to manage all the Carryforwards that are present in old Production Plan on the older Version of the Master and to migrate them to the newer Master Server . This Blog aims to sort this problem once and for all to ensure seamless transition to IWS 9.5 without any hassles.


As you would already know if you are reading this Blog that WA 9.5 comes with a whole set of New Features and most noticeable Change Architecturally is to move to Liberty as a Middleware in place of Websphere Application Server, JazzSM for both the Engine as well the DWC Profile.


This change also means that the only Strategy available for Upgrade is the following :

  • Install a New Backup Master on 9.5.x Version.
  • Import all Scheduling Objects from existing master Server to the New Backup Master Server incase there is no HADR in place for the DB through DB2 HADR or Oracle Dataguard through dataimport utility.
  • Relink the new Backup Master on 9.5.x after issuing a Link from Master Server with Netman up.
  • Switch to the Backup Master on 9.5.x from the existing Master Server through switchmgr.
  • Uninstall the existing Master Server and reinstall New MDM on 9.5.x Version.
  • Import all Scheduling Objects backed up into the DB on the New MDM on 9.5.x again through dataimport utility.
  • Issue link from the 9.5.x Backup Master to the Newly Setup Master Server on 9.5.x.


Ofcourse , we are referring to an environment where you don’t have a HADR in place and both DB’s on Primary Master as well as Backup Master are independent.

Once you have switched back to the Newly Setup Master Server on 9.5.x , you would need to run a New Production Plan on the Next day , the Newly Installed Master would not have the Planman showinfo data reflecting all data such as “Plan creation start time” , “Production plan end time” , “Production plan time extension” etc. or any of the Pre-production plan data such as “Preproduction Plan End Time”,”Plan creation Start Time” except “Run Number” :

planman showinfo

IBM Workload Automation(UNIX)/PLANMAN (20200410)

Licensed Materials – Property of IBM* and HCL**


(C) Copyright IBM Corp. 1998, 2016 All rights reserved.

(C) Copyright HCL Technologies Ltd. 2016, 2019 All rights reserved.

* Trademark of International Business Machines

** Trademark of HCL Technologies Limited


Installed for user “wauser”.

Locale LANG set to the following: “en”

Plan creation start time:

Production plan start time of last extension:

Production plan end time:

Production plan time extention:

Plan last update:

Preproduction plan end time:

Start time of first not complete preproduction plan job stream instance:

Run number: 88

Confirm run number:


So , this would mean you have to Sync up data of the existing Symphony File with the newly Installed MDM on 9.5.x’s planman showinfo data . To Sync up data , the tables that govern this info are the below :


[db2inst2@EU-HWS-LNX242 ~]$ db2 “describe table MDL.MPR_MODEL_PROPERTIES”



Data type                     Column

Column name                     schema    Data type name      Length     Scale Nulls

——————————- ——— ——————- ———- —– ——

MPR_NAME                        SYSIBM    VARCHAR                     50     0 No

MPR_DESCRIPTION                 SYSIBM    VARCHAR                   1024     0 Yes

MPR_VALUE                       SYSIBM    VARCHAR                    256     0 Yes


3 record(s) selected.


MPR_NAME                                           MPR_VALUE

————————————————– —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-

ACTIVATE_DEPLOYMENT                                OFF

APPROACHING_LATE_OFFSET                            120

AUDIT_HISTORY                                      400

AUDIT_STORE                                        BOTH

AUTO_LOGON_AS_BATCH                                NO

BIND_USER                                          wauser

CARRY_FORWARD                                      ALL

CARRY_FORWARD_INET                                 YES

CARRY_JOB_STATES                                   –

CATALOG_VERSION                           (20130101)

CENTRALIZED_SECURITY                               NO

COMPANY                                            HCL

CONFIRM_RUN_NUMBER                                 8

CP_LAST_UPDATE                                     2020/07/02 21:59

CP_PENDING                                         false

CP_START_TIME_LAST_EXT                             2020/07/02 22:00

CP_TMP_END_TIME                                    2020/07/03 22:00

CP_TMP_START_DAY                                   0000

CP_TMP_START_TIME                                  2020/06/25 22:00

CP_TMP_TIME_EXTENSION                              86400000

DATABASE_AUDIT_LEVEL                               1


DEADLINE_OFFSET                                    2

DEPLOYMENT_FREQUENCY                               5

ENABLE_ADD_USER                                    YES

ENABLE_ADD_WORKSTATION                             NO

ENABLE_CF_RESOURCE_QUANTITY                        YES

ENABLE_CRITICAL_PATH                               YES

ENABLE_EDWA                                        YES

ENABLE_EDWA_PROXY                                  NO

ENABLE_EMPTY_SCHEDULE_SUCC                         NO


ENABLE_EVPROC_PERSISTENCE                          YES

ENABLE_EXPANDED_RESOURCES                          YES

ENABLE_FORECAST_START_TIME                         NO

ENABLE_LEGACY_ID                                   NO


ENABLE_LIST_SECURITY_CHECK                         NO

ENABLE_ROLE_BASED_SECURITY                         YES



ENABLE_WHAT_IF                                     YES

END_TIME                                           2020/07/03 22:00

EVPROC_EIF_PORT                                    31131

EVPROC_EIF_SSL_PORT                                0

EVPROC_HTTPS_PORT                                  31116

EVPROC_HTTP_PORT                                   31115

EVPROC_ID                                          1629569c-d28a-3bc9-b915-6a6e5395ba2a

EVPROC_STARTED                                     YES


FORCE_EVENT_FOR_DEPLOY                             OFF

GLOBAL_LOCK                                        OFF

HISTORY                                            400

IGNORE_CALENDARS                                   NO

LICENSE_INFO                                       b6a6e2da14830b73bc4b9a578ef348bcbe8f0108070a0e19369374d334249371

LICENSE_JOBS_NUMBER                                2284

LICENSE_RUN_NUMBER                                 7

LICENSE_SEND_DATE                                  –

LICENSE_SERVER_ID                                  –

LICENSE_SERVER_URL                                 –

LICENSE_STORED_JOBS_NUMBER                         –

LICENSE_TYPE                                       PERSERVER

LOGMAN_MINMAX_POLICY                               BOTH

LOGMAN_SMOOTH_POLICY                               -1

LOG_CLEANUP_FREQUENCY                              5

LOG_HISTORY                                        10

LONG_DURATION_THRESHOLD                            150

LTP_END                                            2020/07/17 22:00

LTP_EXIST                                          true

LTP_FIRST_NOT_COMPLETED_INSTANCE                   2020/06/25 22:00

LTP_LAST_UPDATE                                    2020/07/02 21:59

LTP_MAX_LEN                                        14

LTP_MIN_LEN                                        8

LTP_REPLAN_NEEDED                                  NO

LTP_START                                          2020/06/25 22:00

MAILPLUGIN_SENDER_NAME                             TWS

MAILPLUGIN_SMTP_SERVER_NAME                        localhost

MAILPLUGIN_SMTP_SERVER_PORT                        25

MAILPLUGIN_USER_NAME                               wauser

MAILPLUGIN_USER_PASSWORD                           –


MAILPLUGIN_USE_SSL                                 NO

MAILPLUGIN_USE_TLS                                 NO

MSG_NUMBER                                         0

NOTIFICATION_TIMEOUT                               5

NO_PREVDAYS_DATE                                   1970/01/01 00:00

OSLC_AUTOMATION_DESCRIPTION                        Provider for HCL Workload Scheduler Automation

OSLC_AUTOMATION_TITLE                              HCL Workload Scheduler Automation

OSLC_AUTOMATION_URI                                –

OSLC_PROVISIONING_DESCRIPTION                      Provider for HCL Workload Scheduler Provisioning

OSLC_PROVISIONING_TITLE                            HCL Workload Scheduler Provisioning

OSLC_PROVISIONING_URI                              –

OSLC_REGISTRY_PASSWORD                             tws86tws

OSLC_REGISTRY_URI                                  https://localhost:0/oslc/pr

OSLC_REGISTRY_USER                                 root

OSLC_SP_BASE_URI                                   https://ProviderHostname:31115

PLAN_AUDIT_LEVEL                                   1

PREVENT_START                                      YES

PROMOTION_OFFSET                                   120

REBUILD_EVENT_RULES                                YES

RECOVERY_PROMPT_BASE_NUMBER                        1000

RECOVERY_PROMPT_DELTA                              1000


RESUBMIT_JOB_USER_NAME                             –

RESYNC_ID                                          1593727169

RESYNC_LOADING_EST_END                             0

RESYNC_LOADING_PERC                                100

RESYNC_NUMBER                                      8

RESYNC_STATUS                                      ON

RETAIN_RERUN_JOB_NAME                              NO

RUN_NUMBER                                         8

SCCDPLUGIN_URL                                     https://localhost:8080/maximo/oslc/os/oslcincident

SCCDPLUGIN_USER_NAME                               wauser

SCCDPLUGIN_USER_PASSWORD                           –

SERVICENOWPLUGIN_URL                               https://localhost:8080/api/now/table/incident

SERVICENOW_USER_NAME                               –

SERVICENOW_USER_PASSWORD                           –

SSL_FULL_CONNECTION                                NO

START                                              0000


START_TIME                                         2020/06/25 22:00

TECFWDPLUGIN_TEC_SERVER_NAME                       localhost

TECFWDPLUGIN_TEC_SERVER_PORT                       5529

TIMEZONE_ENABLE                                    YES

TIME_EXTENSION                                     86400000

TT_R3BATCH                                         SAP

TWSFORZOSPLUGIN_USER_NAME                          –



TWSFORZOSPLUGIN_ZCONN_SERVER_NAME                  localhost


UNTILDAYS                                          0

WAS_FIRST_START_DATE                               1593155929372

WORKSTATION_LIMIT                                  100

WSA_MASTER_URI                                     https://localhost:31116


135 record(s) selected.


You can update the data in this table pertaining to Current plan for the “Confirm Run Number” field and then run the Production Plan from the New MDM the next day with -from and -to options .



This helps retaining the Carryforwards from the Current Production Plan while also retaining all Planman showinfo Data.

planman showinfo

IBM Workload Automation(UNIX)/PLANMAN (20200410)

Licensed Materials – Property of IBM* and HCL**


(C) Copyright IBM Corp. 1998, 2016 All rights reserved.

(C) Copyright HCL Technologies Ltd. 2016, 2019 All rights reserved.

* Trademark of International Business Machines

** Trademark of HCL Technologies Limited

Installed for user “wauser”.

Locale LANG set to the following: “en”

Plan creation start time:

Production plan start time of last extension:

Production plan end time:

Production plan time extention:

Plan last update:

Preproduction plan end time:

Start time of first not complete preproduction plan job stream instance:

Run number: 88

Confirm run number: 88


Syncing Planman showinfo in Backup Master Server incase of Long term Switch :

You could also have a second Case where you would intend to run  Jnextplan from the Backup Master Server itself for a few days before switching back to Primary Master Server , so in this case the newly installed Backup Master setup although linked with the Primary Master Server with Symphony in sync would not have the Planman showinfo synced up as the Primary Master Server as dataimport does not fetch other data in the MPR Tables . So inorder to have the planman showinfo data Synced up , we could run the following set of queries :

Note : While running the queries note that the Time Data is in GMT as this is how the Table stores the data internally irrespective of TimeZone on the MDM.


update MDL.MPR_MODEL_PROPERTIES set MPR_VALUE=’2020/07/02 22:00′ where MPR_NAME=’CP_TMP_END_TIME’


update MDL.MPR_MODEL_PROPERTIES set MPR_VALUE=’2020/07/02 22:00′ where MPR_NAME=’END_TIME’

update MDL.MPR_MODEL_PROPERTIES set MPR_VALUE=’2020/07/01 21:59′ where MPR_NAME=’CP_LAST_UPDATE’



The last query assumes significance in the sense that it is needed to generate the Preproduction plan from the BKMDM when running Fresh Jnextplan on the Backup Master Server while continuing with the same Symphony from yesterday and also retaining the Carryforwards.

This would sync up Planman showinfo Data as below in the BKMDM :

Plan creation start time: 07/01/2020 00:00 TZ Europe/Rome

Production plan start time of last extension: 07/01/2020 00:00 TZ Europe/Rome

Production plan end time: 07/01/2020 23:59 TZ Europe/Rome

Production plan time extension: 024:00

Plan last update: 07/01/2020 23:59 TZ Europe/Rome

Preproduction plan end time: 07/02/2020 00:00 TZ Europe/Rome

Start time of first not complete preproduction plan job stream instance:

Run number: 88

Confirm run number: 88


This would allow allow extending Jnextplan on the BKMDM while continuing on the same Symphony with Carryforwards retained .


Any further question? Learn more about Workload Automation here or drop us a line at

Authors BIO


sriramSriram V

Sriram is working with Workload Automation for the last 11.5 years. Started out as a Scheduler, later as an Administrator, SME and India SME of the Product. He has been part of the Product Team in the last few years supporting Workload Automation on SaaS before moving to the Tech Sales and Lab Services of WA.


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