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HCL Workload Automation is a unified automation platform that covers all angles right from application management, cloud transition, migration, and system integration operation services, thereby facilitating the delivery of more automated and responsive service to drive value to business, end users, and IT. This paves the perfect way for future-proof and hybrid/Multi cloud enabled one-stop automation shop.

HCL Workload Automation integration with RPA helps rapidly achieve major use cases that IT needs to address to drive a virtuous cycle of improvement for the enterprise – which is a real competitive advantage. There can be lot of use cases across verticals like telecom, healthcare, manufacturing etc. where both disciplines can work together to help deliver a business service. There are already available 3 RPA tools (UiPath, Automation Anywhere Bot Runner & Automation Anywhere Bot Trader, Blue Prism) integrated with HCL Workload Automation in the  Automation Hub plugins marketplace. To better understand, let’s take a look at the below business scenarios.

Invoking HCL Workload Automation from RPA –  SCENARIO 1


Health care organization receives a huge number of files on its legacy/custom application every hour and needs to process them based on SLA.


Enterprise has multiple file transactions, data are extracted and processed on on-premise DB and business intelligence are extracted and reported to end-users. The mundane task are automated using RPA and entire process is orchestrated by HCL Workload Automation.


  • Help organizations to predict and monitor critical business SLA’s = uptime of critical workflow increased by ~40%
  • Automate and orchestrate end to end process to provide real time business intelligence = at least 60% savings on manual efforts spent by operations team
  • Provide Business Process Automation by integrating RPA and WA for the customer = processing cycle reduced to minutes from hours

scenario 1

To know more about this scenario, read the following blog: “The Power of Two: HCL Workload Automation and Robotic Process Automation Working in Tandem”

HCLSoftware Blog Site   Workload Automation Community

Invoking HCL Workload Automation from RPA –  SCENARIO 2


A big telecom customer wants to be sure that their business-critical applications run with near zero downtime and, in case any issue occurs, they want automatically hold business unit processing and resume automatically once recovered.


Customer wants to reduce the turnaround time and speedup the triage in case of unavailability of mission critical applications. Business processing are done with ERP applications, RPA is responsible for level 1 triage and while HCL Workload Automation orchestrates the entire business workflow.


  • Provide up to 60% high level of business continuity and service availability
  • At-least 40% Leaner operations and 35% faster turnaround time
  • Automate and orchestrate end-to-end business workflow based on real time events

scenario 2

Invoking HCL Workload Automation from RPA –  SCENARIO 3


Small and midsize organization often use legacy CRM and ERP systems that don’t offer APIs: data then must be entered manually via a UI every time they need to fill out customer information, create a new order etc. All these processes require lot of manual handoffs, making them cumbersome and error prone.


The entire business workflow requires automation and orchestration of repetitive tasks with complex business validation and checks by alleviating pain of manual and time-consuming process with extended integration of RPA and HCL Workload Automation.


  • Improved business agility by 45%
  • Nearly 95% first pass success rate for critical business workflow
  • Extended visibility into business process and transaction

scenario 3

5 reasons why you may want to integrate HWA with your RPA tool

The combined capability of HCL Workload Automation & RPA delivers agility, reliability and flexibility while offering scalable IT ecosystem.

  • Off-the-shelf ready solution with plug-and-play mechanism to deliver agile operations
  • Predict and monitor the business SLA, increase uptime of business-critical workflows by 40%
  • Automate and orchestrate end-to-end business workflows, unattended or event driven, increasing operational efficiency and service availability
  • Improved business agility by 45% and more than 35% faster turnaround time as compared to manual/semi manual processing
  • Offer Business Process Automation for customers, with extended visibility into processes and transactions to cut down time for completing the activities from hours to minutes

To know more read the following blog: “Towards Business Process Management: 5 good reasons why you want to integrate your RPA bot with HCL Workload Automation”

HCLSoftware Blog Site   Workload Automation Community

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