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The Automation Hub showcases HCL Workload Automation’s ability to orchestrate IT and business workloads.

The automation and orchestration of DevOps needs, digital enterprises, hybrid cloud automation, and architectures, whatever comes to your mind, covers a big spectrum of needs from IT tasks automation to robotic process automation.

What is Automation Hub?

The Automation Hub is an innovative work-in-progress as we regularly add many more items to it. Let’s take a look at what’s inside.

It is a library of different types of objects and templates that will increase the use of plugins, so out-of-the-box integrations, reports templates, playbooks, event actions, then actually different types of items according to the different needs a customers might have. And, even better, you can create and release its integrations. Also, business partners created their plugins on the Automation Hub, and the best part is that customers can do it too, if they want to play with the automation.

Here, you can connect to the entire catalog of Workload Automation plugins. In addition, you can read the business scenario for each plugin to understand better why it’s important and how it fits into a global workload scenario.

Focusing on the out-of-the-box plugins, to date, we have more than 100 plugins.

Of course, all of them have no additional charge and customers can download and use them in just a few clicks.

These plugins cover scenarios for:

  1. Industries such as finance, healthcare, insurance, retail, energy, automotive, manufacturing, telecommunications, and many more.
  2. Different domains including ERP, ETL & big data, file transfer & relational databases, ITSM & data center automation, service-oriented architecture, robotic process automation, public cloud, and many others.

Just to give you some samples on some domains.

  • For ERP, there are many SAP plugins, many Oracle e-business suite plugins, Peoplesoft, Salesforce, Alteryx, Tableau, and more
  • For ETL & big data, there are Snowflake, Informatica PowerCenter, Datastage, Cognos, Hadoop, etc.
  • For file transfer & relational databases, there are Axway, Sterling, FTP, SFTP, built-in File Transfer Server, MFT, Oracle, MSSQL, Postgres, DB2, and more.
  • For ITSM & data center automation, there are Jira, ServiceNow, Chef Runlist, Chef Bootstrap, etc.
  • For service-oriented architecture: There are Message Queues, Web services, Java, J2EE, Restful, MQTT, WebSphere MQ, and more
  • For RPA, we have integrations with the most used tool like UiPath, Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, IBM RPA, etc.
  • For Cloud Services & data center automation, there are a huge number of plugins not only for the three main Clouds that are AWS, Azure, and Google but also for RedHat Ansible, IBM Cloud, Oracle, Kubernetes, and more.


With Automation Hub, we offer more than 30 case studies (business scenarios), more than 50 blog posts, a huge number of product screenshots for each plugin (which you can be guided step by step in using it) and much more content.

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