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When a CICS® 3270 based terminal transaction abends, ZAI will capture the contents of the last screen presented to the user. This can be helpful in subsequent problem determination as it allows the developer to see what data had been entered at the point of the abend.

For example, take the following “DEMO” transaction that has abended with abend code ABC1. As well as the various colors and extended attributes note the DBCS characters.

pink reverse

ZAI’s standard presentation of the captured screen data can be seen during interactive reanalysis by selecting “CICS Information” followed by “Last CICS 3270 Screen Buffer

screen buffer

Although this standard display shows the screen data it does not display any of the colors or extended attributes that were in use at the time of the abend. Also note that the DBCS characters are not displayed correctly. So, to see the CICS® screen exactly as it was at the time of the abend enter the CICSD command. In this example you would be displayed the following:

green underline



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