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From the ZAI Fault Entry list display there are various line commands that can be entered against a Fault Entry. The list of available commands can be seen by displaying the additional “Help Text”. To do this select the View menu item and select option 3 “Add Help Text” (note the option will only be available if the help text is not currently being displayed).

fault history

Once selected the list of available line commands will be displayed:

fault entry list

In this article we will discuss the A (Display source) and J (Edit JCL) commands.

Note, each of these line commands requires a corresponding ZAI option to be set. LangxCapture for the A line command and JclCapture for the J line command. These options can be specified in the HFZCNF00 PARMLIB member or in an HFZOPTS DD in a specific job. See for further details on specifying ZAI options.

ZAI options

A (Display source)

During ZAI analysis (or re-analysis) if a matching sidefile (compiler listing, LANGX, SYSDEBUG, or DWARF data) is found then the so called LANGX records are recorded in the Fault Entry. This means that even if a source program is re-compiled the source, as it was at the time of the abend, will always be available. Interactive and batch re-analysis of the Fault Entry will automatically use the saved LANGX records but you can also display them using the A line command.

Enter A next to the Fault Entry and you will be displayed a list of the available source programs.

ZAI Analysis

Select the one of interest and in the subsequent screen you will be displayed (ISPF EDIT session) the extracted source records:

ISPF edit session

J (Edit JCL)

During real-time abend analysis the JCL of the abending JOB will be captured by Fault Analyzer and stored in the Fault Entry. This JCL can be displayed during interactive reanalysis, using the JCL command, and can also be displayed using the J line command. Simply enter a J next to a Fault Entry and you will be put into an EDIT session for the captured JCL. From the EDIT session you could, for example, SUBMIT the JCL again.


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