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"Welcome to the extended connected enterprise" is a phrase that suggests the integration of various technologies, systems, and processes within a business or organization to create a more interconnected and efficient environment. This concept often involves the use of digital technologies, data analytics, and automation to streamline operations, improve collaboration, and enhance decision-making. In an extended connected enterprise, information flows seamlessly across different departments and functions, enabling better communication and coordination to achieve business goals.

Modernize Enterprise Applications Quickly and Easily with REST APIs

The need for enterprises focused to pivot quickly integrating enterprise applications regardless of where the applications reside (i.e., on the cloud, on the Mainframe, or on-prem distributed servers). Expediting the transformation in weeks, or months and not years, while marginalizing risk through low-code no-code development, and no impact to the underlying legacy code.

At an enterprise level across all domains, time is critical, and five years is too long a duration to complete the “connect and extend” Enterprise Application initiative imperative. Two years or less is the typical trend duration. The approach of application modernization in-place driving optimization of the UI, workflow, and data integration, for the best User Experience.

Bringing in the enabler of the “extended connected enterprise” the REST API. Representational State Transfer (REST) is an architectural style for designing networked applications. REST APIs are a common way to expose and consume services and data over the internet. They use HTTP methods (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE) to perform CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations on resources.

Advantages of REST APIs:

  1. Simplicity: relatively easy to understand and implement, making them a good choice for straight forward communication between different systems.
  2. Standardization: leverages existing HTTP standards, which are well-established and widely supported. This simplifies integration between different systems.
  3. Statelessness: meaning each request from a client to a server must contain all the information needed to understand and fulfill the request. This can be advantageous for scalability and reliability.
  4. Flexibility: can be used with a variety of data formats, including JSON and XML, making it versatile for different use cases.
  5. Exposure: reducing the REST API to the data you wish to expose to the consumer, reducing the complexity of the data being consumed when appropriate.

Accelerating the Extended Connected Enterprise with HCL Volt MX

Now let’s talk accelerators of the “extended connected enterprise” starting with the cloud and on-prem distributed server domains HCL Volt MX. Accelerating the optimization in-place of existing applications while spinning up new applications in a no or low-code approach available on any device integrating with REST APIs. In addition, Volt MX also creates and utilizes foundry services. They include the mainframe modernization in-place solution HCLSoftware Z and I Emulator for Transformation. Driving optimization of the UI, Workflow, and Data integration including REST APIs. Finally, couple in the ability to generate REST APIs on the fly without an integrated development environment, HCL Software’s RESTGen API capability and the journey of the “extended connected enterprise” is off and running.

The above bundled solution approach appeals not only to the citizen but also the professional developer. Customer enterprise developers rave about the velocity at which they can create new or modernize in-place the application landscapes across all domains. At the same time, the business users see benefit and productivity gains from 25 to 50% based on enhanced user experience, speed, and quality of access to data across domains.


Wouldn’t it be great to write native applications quickly while writing one application for use anywhere. Connected and integrated thru the creation, deployment, and consumption of RESTful APIs. So why wait any longer to begin the “extended connected enterprise” journey within your enterprise? Start your value journey with HCLSoftware today! To learn more or begin utilizing the “extended connected enterprise” product bundle Volt MX, Z and I Emulator for Transformation, and RESTGen API please contact

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