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Don’t weigh down your Z System with outdated and unused software – Realize the ROI on Z Systems. Now you can enable continuous innovation and speed with the software assets by implementing a robust IT asset management program. Learn how HCL Z Asset Optimizer can discover an inventory of software assets and their usage to help you to simplify asset management, optimize software cost & comply with vendor audit.

For starters, here are a few questions for you. How are you currently monitoring your System z software assets, usage and licenses? Do you know how many software products you have currently deployed? And the last question to ask yourself is how well are you managing IBM Z Systems software assets?

If the answers rattle you, know that it is a time to upgrade your Z System with HCL Z Asset Optimizer— it can discover an inventory of software assets and their usage to help you to simplify asset management, optimize software cost & comply with vendor audit.

But what is HCL Z Asset Optimizer (ZAO)? It is a market-leading solution for discovering and monitoring software assets on IBM System Z (mainframe) platform. Whether you are looking for a solution to manage IBM/ISV software products or in-house applications, ZAO provides the insights needed to manage them effectively.  Darren Oberst, Corporate Vice President and Head of HCLSoftware explains it just right, “We’ve simplified a market-leading product while unlocking added value that further meets the needs of our customers.”

But what are these added values? HCL ZAO v2.1 includes significant enhancements ONLY available from HCLSoftware:

  • Simplify Software License Reconciliation: ZAO simplifies the process of comparing software inventory and their usage information against software license information. New reports help to identify cost optimization opportunities and software audit exposures more quickly, eliminating the tedious manual reconciliation steps. ZAO v2.1 license verification feature is specifically designed for the mainframe users and it is an all-inclusive feature of the product.
  • Unlock Software Asset Information: ZAO captures software asset inventory and usage information along with the license information. The wealth of software asset information can now be accessed using REST APIs of ZAO v2.1. Using the APIs, you can incorporate the software asset information reliably and efficiently into your business processes and applications based on your requirements.
  • Practical Innovation to Simplify Everyday Tasks: ZAO v2.1 is available as a Docker Container image for Linux on Z. ZAO v2.1 no longer requires IBM Db2 on z/OS and DBA to manage the software asset information. You can take advantage of IBM Integrated Facility for Linux (IFL) engines to lower TCO to run the solution.

So, if you are looking forward to see optimal ROI of your mainframe assets, then schedule a FREE DEMO, NOW.

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