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The ZIETrans Toolkit is a set of plug-ins for the Eclipse-based IBM Rational® Software Delivery Platform (Rational SDP) where User can create Web applications that provide an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) for 3270 applications running on IBM® System z® platforms and 5250 applications running on IBM i operating system platforms.

The licensing tool integrated with HCL ZIETrans for licensing purpose in ZIETrans projects is Flexera, which provides a floating license model using the Flexera REST API client.

The usage of HCL ZIETrans sessions and requests are tracked and granted by Flexera licensing. For licensing to work in HCL ZIETrans applications, Flexera server and the required runtime properties need to be pre-configured.

Below are the Steps to Configure Flexera with ZIE Trans:


  1. The User must install HCL ZIETrans and Create a ZIETrans project in the Toolkit.
  2. Configure the supported Application server like WAS, WebSphere Liberty Profile or JBOSS in the toolkit.

zietrans project

  1. Configure the “Flexera Server URL” and “Private key path” in the file of the project.ear. If the user wants to run his application in debug mode, same to be configured in runtime-debug .properties file.
  2. flx_PrivateKey_Absolute_Path= Drive\: \\Path\\PrivateKey.pem
  3. flx_ServerURL=https\://<Flexera Server URL>/Feature ID

runtime properties

4. Run the project on the configured server and user can use preferred browser.

demo flexera


5. Execute the Flexera command and check the consumed licenses.

Open Command prompt from this Flexera location, then run below command.

flex net lsa admin

flexnetlsadmin.bat -server <Flexera Server URL> -authorize <Username> <Password>-licenses -verbose

command prompt


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