Expand assortment, Add a direct sales
channel, Increase Loyalty

Here is why our customers are looking to get add a marketplace to their commerce platform:

  • To expand assortment without having to carry inventory
  • To add a direct sales channel instead of relying solely on sales through partners
  • To increase loyalty and meet multiple customer needs through a “one-stop-shop” experience for their customers

Why HCL Commerce Cloud Marketplace is better

Cocreated with our customers to address their pain points, HCL Commerce Cloud Marketplace is part of our unified Commerce platform, designed to lower your total cost of ownership. With the same easy management tools, it gives you full control for onboarding sellers and managing inventory while you sell more through a unified omnichannel approach.

Execute your commerce and marketplace channels from one unified platform

  • Easy to get started because no integration needed

  • The scalability to never outgrow your commerce and marketplace platform

  • One business user tool to manage and control commerce and marketplaces

Easily introduce marketplaces at no additional cost and maintain a lower TCO

  • One platform to maintain equals lower ongoing maintenance costs

  • Transform your commerce platform to a marketplace overnight at low risk to improve ROI

  • Working with only one vendor makes problem resolution easier

Get more value from your commerce platform by adding marketplaces

  • Introduce marketplaces and achieve faster time to market for results

  • Avoid losing market share by reaching new customers with a marketplace

  • Deliver B2B and B2C marketplace capabilities on one platform