HCL DevOps Plan

HCL DevOps Plan is a fully-customizable workflow management system. With the Compass Designer, simple workflow applications can be created without writing a line of code. Using the designer, a workflow author can specify the application schema, which contains the object types in the workflow, the data supported by each object type, many attributes of that data, including for example whether or not the data is required, the optional state transition diagram for each object type, and if needed, several forms to collect the data and transition the workflow. More complex workflows can be created as almost every operation a user performs can be augmented with scripting to do almost anything.
HCL DevOps Plan comes with out-of-the-box workflow schemas and packages that can be used to initialize the kind of application the customer needs. Today we have schemas and packages that support defect management, application lifecycle management, and packages that support e-mail integration, electronic signatures, and others. In development are schemas to support Scaled Agile Framework for engineering, and traditional requirements management and quality management.
HCL DevOps Plan has a complete API available to extend the out-of-the-box features provided. While many of HCL DevOps Plan’ workflow features can be implemented without writing a line of code, the API may be utilized to extend and customize those features. The API can be used to script custom data validation on user entry, create custom rules for the workflow, or create new applications entirely.
HCL DevOps Plan is fully-scalable to an unlimited number of users. Implementations with thousands or more than ten-thousand users are common. If you need to support more users, simply spin up a new server and the load is balanced automatically across all the servers. If you need servers in different geographies, HCL DevOps Plan supports the replication of changes between globally distributed repositories.
HCL DevOps Plan has an easy-to-use GUI that can work for any kind of customization or application. The end-user GUI is web-based. The current administrative and design GUIs are Eclipse-based but are in the process of being converted so all functionality will be available through a web browser.
HCL DevOps Plan is fully deployable in a cloud environment should you want to offload your hardware administration to a cloud service.

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