What we achieved

  • 100% application code coverage

  • Successful testing across multiple compilation units

  • Instrumentation coverage without code behavior modification

To who

  • Industry Aerospace

  • Products HCL OneTest Embedded

  • Region NA


  • Part 1 Challenge

    Challenge Replacing in-house tools that used target-dependent scripted and manual testing.

  • Part 2 Solution

    Solution HCL OneTest Embedded successfully replaced in-house tools and improved testing and runtime analysis results independently on the target.

  • Part 3 Results

    Results Automation of expected results evaluation, storable verification artifacts in configuration management, and ability to innovate future methods. 

The Challenge

In-house tools are double-edge swords for many companies. On one side, you have a tool especially designed for you and your company’s needs; on the other, they cultivate dependency on an easily obsoleted product. An aeronautics and aerospace manufacturer found themselves facing a similar issue with an in-house tool using scripts and requiring manual testing. Manual processes add to the stress and strain of workload for employees and are less efficient. This company sought out a solution that could handle their certification process and integration testing for regulatory compliance.

The Solution

HCL OneTest Embedded offered qualification kits for DO-178C and other standards, and this kit was very important for this aeronautic manufacturer to ensure regulatory compliance with standards. During development, complexity analysis was incorporated using static analysis capabilities in HCL OneTest Embedded. Additionally, HCL OneTest Embedded tests both low-level requirements and high-level requirements, which was critical to meet the DO-178C standard.

The Results

HCL OneTest Embedded was able to successfully demonstrate automation across all the customer’s applications and interfaces and integrate the build chain to provide test and runtime analysis results. Benefits included environment integration using the Target Deployment Port and testing across multiple different compilation units. HCL OneTest Embedded tested both low-level requirements and high-level requirements, and this customer achieved 100% coverage of their low-level requirements – meeting the DO-178C standard. Testing also covered functions in isolation and calls to external functions, both stubbed and real. High-level requirements were able to be tested across multiple source files and projects, and verification artifacts can be stored in configuration management for audit history. They were also able to achieve instrumentation coverage without code behavior modification. The integration of HCL OneTest Embedded results in automated evaluation of expected results, removing manual processes, was a key result. This aeronautics and aerospace company’s adoption of HCL OneTest Embedded results in a truly innovative future. Showcasing how with HCL OneTest Embedded, the sky is the limit.

About the company

Global aerospace leader known for its excellence in designing, manufacturing, and servicing aircraft engines and auxiliary power units. Their engines find widespread use in both civil and military aviation, underscoring their significance in the industry.

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