What we achieved

  • Meets Business Requirements

  • Cloud Supported business model

  • Efficient Customer engagements

To who

  • Industry: Academic, Education 

  • Products:  HCL Domino

  • Business Partner: Intec Systems Limited


  • Part 1


    This education marketing agency needed to move their Domino-powered customer-request platform to the cloud, so that it could be accessed from anywhere, any time.  

  • Part 2


    Ambleglow worked with HCL Business Partner Intec to modernize and update its application and move it to the cloud for all-remote staff access during COVID. 

  • Part 3


    Ambleglow realized that HCL Domino remained the right choice to power its robust app and that moving to the cloud fit its future business goals. 

The Challenge

Surfacing More Functionality

Ambleglow is an education marketing agency, based in the UK. It helps schools and businesses, selling into education channels, market themselves in the best possible light. They are a full-service marketing agency, serving predominantly education clients with:

  1. Social media campaigns

  2. Media buying (buying space in newspapers, magazines, and online inventory)

  3. Creative and print

  4. Digital marketing

  5. Marketing consultation

The agency’s in-depth knowledge, understanding, and experience of working in this industry has helped them manage successful campaigns for commercial clients, as well as primary schools, sixth-form colleges and some of the top private schools in the country.

With many live projects active at any one time, it is vital to be able to load the initial details of a request, quickly facilitate changes and maintain visibility throughout the job’s lifespan — and do this for lots of clients simultaneously.

The Domino application Ambleglow was using had been built 20 years ago, but due to changes in working practices only about 20% of it was still being used.

Unlike other marketing agencies that work on projects for longer periods of time and bill by the hour, Ambleglow processes a high volume of media bookings in a very short span of time — sometimes as many as 50 per day in peak season.

Faced with the challenges to modernize the application and with interest in moving to the cloud, the company decided to issue a briefing and specification document for a new cloud-based off-the-shelf system to meet their needs. They thought that in order to modernize, it may mean moving away from Domino.

Intec helped us to see that Domino was a good choice of Application platform for our requirements, and the ability to move the solution to the Cloud will suit us better as the business moves forward

—Sally Alexander

Managing Director, Ambleglow

The Solution

Building upon the Proven Domino Platform

Helena Bryant, Finance & Administration Director at Ambleglow, said, “We looked at a number of off-the-shelf systems and many of them had the problem that sales and purchases have to be done separately in two different areas of the system, which would mean double the work for our team. With our current process flow the sales and purchases are all done in one place as you progress through a client job.” Helena was introduced to HCL Business Partner Intec Systems Limited and was impressed to see how HCL had invested in the future of the Domino platform.

Helena added, “Having spoken to Intec and seen examples of their work we decided it would be sensible to partner with a company that can take the parts we use (and like) of our existing system and rebuild a streamlined and modernized version that is fit for how we work now and for the future.”

Some of the requirements for a new cloud based application solution included:

  • System that takes the best parts of the current system (but removes all the excess areas that aren’t needed) and streamlines it

  • Cloud-based so everyone can access from home or office

  • Clear, intuitive, and easy to use

  • Different role-based access for each employee — e.g., end user versus admin

  • Clear archive procedure for previous year’s jobs to ensure storage is managed efficiently, but so that old jobs can still be accessed if needed

  • Ability to set up an additional database quickly and easily for a future business area

  • Future-proofed where possible


Tim Malone, Director at Intec, also commented, “As part of the future planning process we agreed with Ambleglow that moving the application to the cloud would help to meet their operational needs, reduce costs, and provide a more secure and a future-proof way of accessing the system.”


Having spoken to Intec and seen examples of their work we decided it would be sensible to partner with a company that can take the parts we use (and like) of our existing Domino application system and rebuild a streamlined and modernized version that is fit for how we work now and for the future

— Helena Bryant

Finance & Administration Director Ambleglow

The Results

Moving Forward

The working relationship between Ambleglow and Intec developed quickly and effectively with Intec providing a managed application hosting solution which is delivering the key benefits that Ambleglow set out to achieve.

About the company

Ambleglow, based in the UK, is a leading education marketing agency. It helps schools and businesses selling into education to market themselves in the best possible light. The more people their customers reach, the greater impact they can have on education in the UK.  


About the Business Partner

Intec Systems Limited is an HCL Business Partner that collaborates with its clients as a trusted advisor, bringing together business insight, significant experience and technology to provide a distinct advantage in today’s rapidly changing business environment. With over 30 years’ experience in a wide range of business and information technology domains, Intec’s mission is to help customers anticipate change and profit from new opportunities.  

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