What we achieved

  • 6 Weeks from app design to rollout

  • Single Source, many deployments

  • Massive Growth in users

To who

  • Industry: Utility/Energy

  • Products: HCL Volt MX

  • Region: AP/Australia


  • Part 1


    To excel in the fast-moving, complex energy market, how could this energy giant deliver information to customers — presented in a new, modern way?

  • Part 2


    The “out-of-the-box” Volt MX capabilities — component building blocks and multichannel delivery — enabled the fast delivery of a successful app.

  • Part 3


    Far exceeding the initial 12-month delivery goal, the team designed and delivered apps for both iOS and Android in just 6 weeks with Volt MX.

The Challenge

Giving Customers New Options

The Australian energy industry is fast-moving and complex, and energy companies are obligated to keep stakeholders and consumers informed about all the latest developments and innovations in the energy world. To stay competitive, as well as foster better energy literacy overall, these companies need to be able to present this information in a variety of formats and incorporate various levels of complexity so it can be consumed by audiences with broad levels of expertise.

In addition to getting current and accurate energy information to its audiences, this firm was committed to delivering it to them via a modern digital platform that would help unlock new value for consumers, improve transparency, create access to data, improve the user experience, and enable flexible new service offerings.

The additional challenge was this organization was committed to providing new apps to share information with the public within 12 months. The race was on!

The Solution

Energy Apps Go Mobile

Having used the HCL Volt MX technology for several years, this Australian company was already familiar with its low-code capabilities and ease of use for developers.

The dev team was able to utilize the simple output check boxes contained in Volt Iris, the low-code development environment for rapid, visual assembly using pre-wired components, templates and sample apps for an 80% reduction in code, and the Flare engine to build and manage a single set of code with a single toolset that allows teams to design apps for any audience.

With these building components and “out-of-the-box” capabilities, the company was able to deliver applications to the respective app stores (iOS and Android for phone and tablets) on schedule.

These new applications, hosted on the AWS Cloud, provided the company with a path to exceed its original 12-month delivery goal while giving users the opportunity to receive the latest energy news, insights, and expert analysis — via animation, video, podcast and articles — straight from the device of their choice.

Soon after the initial release, the company was also able to provide access to industry data dashboards to further enrich the functionality and user experience.

The apps have dashboards that provide access to the following content:

  • Media releases
  • Podcasts
  • Innovation and tech updates
  • Energy explained
  • Search capabilities
  • Market notices
  • Data dashboards for electricity and gas markets
  • Fuel mix dashboards
  • Notification functionality

The Results

A Year-Long Timeline … Delivered in Just 6 Weeks

By using Volt MX, the company delivered native applications from a single source of code without needing a specialist in either iOS or Android to get involved, saving time and money.

Exceeding original expectations to deliver in 12 months, it took the team just 6 weeks to deploy apps for both mobile phones and tablets, with rich data dashboards showing the latest news, insights and expert analysis from the energy industry via animation, video, podcast and articles.

Success is clear, proven by a large increase in user volume.

About the company

This Australian energy firm has been using HCL Volt MX technology since 2018. It manages electricity and gas systems and markets across Australia, performing an array of gas and electricity market, operational, development and planning functions. This company ensures Australians have access to affordable, secure, and reliable energy. 

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