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90% adoption of
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Industry: Utility - Energy
Products: Digital Experience, Unica
Region: EMEA/Italy




Edison Energy needed to deliver energy to its customers in a way that was fast, scales to meet the business needs, and reduced emissions.


HCL DX was picked as the flexible digital platform which allows them to meet their objectives and drive success.


The company delivered a platform their customers could trust with a more than 90% adoption of new self-service tools.

“Our partnership with the HCL DX team and adoption of the platform has made it possible for Edison Energy to capitalize on a cloud deployment to simplify technology integrations and enable premium support of our ecosystem for a better customer experience”

—Anna D'Intinosante
Head of the Digital Marketing & Business Innovation group
ICT division of Edison


Scalability and Speed!

Edison Energy sells electricity and natural gas. They are one of the oldest energy suppliers in Europe and among the largest in Italy.  Since 2012 they have been a subsidiary of the EDF group (Électricité de France).

Anna D'Intinosante, Head of the Digital Marketing and Business Innovation group in the Information and Communication (ICT) division of Edison, was interviewed for this story. She relays with pride that Edison is at the forefront of the renewable energy transition that focuses on sustainability, energy efficiency, digitization and the final delivery of energy goods into the market. Their goal is to produce 40% of their energy exclusively from renewable sources by 2030.

In the wake of this drive to renewables, innovative IT strategies have emerged (since 2019) for the entire Edison Energy commercial division. Their additional goal is to have customer and business-centric solutions that guarantee scalability and speed, along with a reduction in the emissions produced by our electricity generation fleet, in line with the country's decarbonization objectives.

But how could they going to successfully manage their mission?


Edison’s Strategy + DX = a perfect fit

Edison engaged with the HCL DX team to relay their mission and strategy and with the DX platform they were able to integrate processes and tools seamlessly to achieve the efficiencies for the organization and a compelling user experience for their customers.

For their territorial telemarketing and selling channels, Edison had made architectural choices to guarantee the scalability that would allow them to increase their strength in volume of sales, and the speed needed to offer their customers the best possible experience. Their technology choices were compatible with and integrated perfectly with their DX environment. 

Edison has also chosen to combine the capabilities of the DX platform with the features in HCL Unica. With the Unica Interact module it was possible for them to customize the user experience for after-sales processes, which were previously handled by telephone. 

For their customers it is a modern, and above all, an easy and accessible user experience that masks all the backend complexities which are typical for the energy business sector. 

By combining these services and making them available directly to their customers they have seen a notable upturn in the metrics data collection from the first quarter of this year. In fact, they are seeing transaction completion rates of more than 90% due to the new, self-service nature of their site and current offerings. And their back-office processing rate is now 13% faster for files coming from their various digital channels.


Strategic Vision is a Reality

In recent years, Edison has begun to use modern IT architectures based on microservices, containerization, and cloud services, and the HCL DX technology fits perfectly with Edison’s digital direction. 

In fact, Edison’s partnership with HCL is making their vision a reality, because it supports these strategic needs: 

  •  The ability to capitalize on cloud, which simplifies the integration of the various technologies that make up their business environment
  •  The ability for Edison to better support their digital environment, which is part of their broader and more ambitious plan of creating a customer-centric technological ecosystem

Today, their technology journey continues and is driven by these 3 fundamental goals that are at the forefront of all their business decisions.

  • Know your customer
  • Support your customer
  • Attract new customers

The future is bright for Edison, which means it is also bright for its customers as Edison strives to advance their technology, give their customers an exceptional digital experience and reduce emissions to help the planet.

About the Company

Edison Energy is the Edison Group company, dedicated to the sale of electricity and natural gas to its end customers. They are one of the oldest energy suppliers in Europe and among the largest in Italy.

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