What we achieved

  • Ease of access and use for all

  • One platform for many HR functions

  • Engages 400,000 employees weekly

To who


  • Part 1


    Major retail grocer needed a sustainable, scalable platform for an employee portal.

  • Part 2


    HCL Digital Experience full-service hub for employees that’s easily managed by the HR team.

  • Part 3


    DX supports the weekly engagement of approximately 400,000 employees.

The Challenge

Business challenge story

For a major national grocery chain, giving employees the right tools and info to do their jobs is crucial. They needed an employee intranet that could provide self-service HR information and services. They wanted one platform that was easy to manage for HR, and easily and efficiently accessible for all employees. The challenge was to make it dynamic and engaging for thousands of employees — and accessible anytime, from anywhere, and on any device.

The Solution

Transformation story

HCL Digital Experience easily and quickly demonstrated its worth as the right choice and solution for the grocer. DX empowered employees to manage tasks and schedules effectively, fostering better relationships and teamwork. The grocer implemented an all-in-one communication tool called "The Feed," which enhanced communication and fortified organizational cohesion. The omnichannel platform enables viewing payroll and tax forms, easily processes sick leave and paid-time-off requests, and serves up 401K details, insurance information, and other special benefits.

The Results

Results story

"The Feed" intranet is a dynamic hub captivating 400,000 employees weekly. It delivers schedules, benefits, company updates, and employee accolades – a comprehensive toolkit for seamless job performance. There are no geographical constraints, since employees can harness its power, effortlessly managing tasks from anywhere that has internet connectivity. HCL DX has instilled a sense of independence and trust in the grocer’s teams, freeing them up from having to rely on others to get important work done and confidently managing their own work lives. This retail giant remains committed to fostering continuous engagement with its employees by leveraging HCL DX's continual feature releases.

About the company

North American retail grocery company with more than 400,000 employees. Storefronts across the US, serving multiple populations.

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