What we achieved

  • Build & deploy apps 62% faster

  • Make apps available on multi-channels

  • Increase productivity by 20% 

To who


  • Part 1


    This insurance company needed to give their thousands of sales agents an easier and more efficient way for them to interact with their clients.

  • Part 2


    Streebo helped roll out an omnichannel solution on the HCL DX platform that helps agents more efficiently enroll new customers and help existing policy holders.

  • Part 3


    The rollout was 62% faster compared to previous solutions and was easily adopted by 100+ insurance agents on day one, increasing productivity by 20%.

The Challenge

Interactions with Clients Needed to Be More Efficient

This major insurance company has several thousand sales agents on the road, and they were losing valuable time during client interactions because the existing web portal was slow, unresponsive and hard to make changes to.

Additionally, whenever they needed information on existing client policies, agents would have to call from the field to their colleagues in the office — a process that was time-consuming, restricting, and caused unnecessary delays.

The company also wanted to empower the agents with the ability to use their personal devices, allowing them to work wherever and whenever they needed to.

Thanks to Streebo’s solutions and expertise and the HCL DX platform, our agents are now more informed than ever and are engaging with customers at deeper, more personalized levels.

— The Insurance Company AVP

The Solution

A New Approach to Development and Deployment

Streebo’s expertise made it easy to roll out an omnichannel solution, running on mobile devices and laptops, to help insurance agents enroll new customers as well as service current policy holders.

With Streebo’s Insurance tool suite and model-based development capabilities combined with prebuilt connectors from HCL DX software, Streebo had the tools necessary to quickly build these solutions. Streebo integrated its mobile applications for insurance with the existing insurance company database and information sources. There was no need to design, program and test applications for each mobile device. The HCL solution automatically generated the form factors and usability features necessary to support the designated devices. The solution was ready to deploy within a few weeks.

The Results

Results that Matter

Today the agents have access to real-time searches on existing policies, legal requirements and policy details, helping them assist current customers and sign up new clients on the fly. Also, the application forms work even offline, so that agents can use the solution even in remote areas with no internet connectivity.

“Thanks to Streebo’s solutions and expertise and the HCL DX platform, our agents are now more informed than ever and are engaging with customers at deeper, more personalized levels.” said the AVP of Field Systems at the insurance company. “We have had an agent portal for many years, and we knew that a mobile application for accessing policy information was critical for us to meet agent demand and stay competitive in the market. In fact, interest in the mobile app from our sales team was impressive, as on the first day of deployment, 100 agents signed up.”

Going forward, the insurance company will use HCL DX software to accelerate the transition of the former agent portal to the HCL platform.

Overall, the results of rolling out the new application have been extremely positive on several fronts and are summarized as follows:

  • Streebo was able to slash the time required to create and deploy mobile applications from 8 months to 12 weeks. That’s a 62% savings in time.
  • The adoption of the new application was immediate and organic. Over 100 agents accessed the new mobile solution on day 1, without any company communication about the enhanced capability.
  • Once the agents started to actively use the new capability the company saw a 20% increase in productivity. A win for the agents and a win for the company.

About the company

This Southwest US insurance company is a multiline carrier with more than 100 years of experience. Its core businesses are life insurance, annuities, health/property and casualty insurance. The company and its subsidiaries serve approximately 8 million policyholders throughout the United States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and other territories.

About the Business Partner

Streebo (HCL BP) is headquartered in Houston, Texas, and has offices around the globe. Streebo is an HCL Business Partner and a global provider of enterprise mobility and multi-channel solutions. Listed in Inc. 500 l 5000 list as Top 300 IT Services Co in the United States and recognized and awarded with various industry accolades, Streebo continues to deliver breakthrough mobile solutions across industries.

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