What we achieved

  • Supports high customer demand

  • 360-degree customer experience

  • Cloud hosting solution

To who


  • Part 1


    Increasing power outages and legacy infrastructure meant that this public utility company couldn’t support growing demand and it was hurting their customer experience.

  • Part 2


    They were able to migrate to Digital Experience Manager via a session-based license capable of supporting a “burstable” cloud-hosting solution.

  • Part 3


    They now have a 360-degree view through a containerized version of DXM which allows them to create a seamless, modernized customer experience.

The Challenge

Business challenge story

According to this well-established energy company’s website, "Building trust one kilowatt at a time" is a fundamental principle of their brand. With over 887,000 electric customers, they have developed a diverse generational portfolio to ensure a balanced approach to electricity generation, aiming to maintain system reliability and provide affordable rates for the people they serve.

As a primary energy source, they understand the responsibility of meeting and exceeding customer expectations. In response to industry trends, such as frequent power outages caused by weather events, improved self-service options, and increased competition due to regulatory changes, they sought to modernize their infrastructure and enhance the customer experience.

However, their existing legacy infrastructure was unable to handle the spikes in customer demand, often resulting from frequent power outages. This led to unplanned license purchases, a costly solution. They aimed to create a comprehensive and fully supported "360-degree" customer experience, where customers could access all their energy services through a single touchpoint.

The Solution

Transformation story

To overcome these business challenges, they decided to adopt HCL's containerized Digital Experience Manager (DXM) using a session-based license. The outcome of this strategic move was remarkable. They successfully met their customer needs without the need for an expensive re-platforming process. By transitioning to this comprehensive solution, they were able to fully support the increasing demands of their customers while achieving significant cost savings.

The Results

Results story

This energy company’s adoption of HCL’s DXM platform supports a “burstable” cloud-hosting solution. This is much preferred over a traditional, monolithic solution that wasn’t customized for their high traffic days. The new capabilities deliver the desired 360-degree customer solution through the containerized version of DXM. The new powerhouse solution uses a Digital Asset Manager (DAM), headless CMS and HCL Leap to deliver the modernized customer experience they were seeking.

About the company

Formed in 1902, this company is their state’s oldest and largest investor-owned electric utility, featuring the most affordable rates in the country. They are ranked in surveys as one the high performing utilities in the nation because of their strong system reliability and high customer satisfaction. Forbes recognized them as the #2 employer in their state in 2022. They support over 887,000 electric customers and contribute approximately $80 million annually as the largest ad valorem taxpayer in their state.

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