What we achieved

  • Reduce Infrastructure costs

  • Enable Security

  • Enhanced Deployments

To who

  • Industry: Education

  • Products: HCL AppScan

  • Region: South America (Brazil)


  • Part 1


    Estacio was very vulnerable regarding their web and app applications; they had suffered some hacker attacks withing very delicate and confidential info (ex: in our POC we were able to demonstrate that students’ grades were accessible, without no level of security).

    The most pain was stopping the team and going after the problems, not being prepare to what expect and leaving the whole line of business with the sense that their information was not protected.

    All this situation generated extra costs, including additional overtime charges.

  • Part 2


    With HCL AppScan, customer prepared, plan and execute all the necessary scan’s granting confidence to all sponsors and areas, also protect and take action in a proper time without surprises and was able to identify gaps in the process within a control and standard way.

  • Part 3


    Beyond the protection, control and standardizing the process, extra costs related to software and resources were reduced and most important automated so web and app applications don’t give any more hard time to the Estacio team .

About the company

Estacio offers quality education in one of the largest universities in Brazil. In these 50 years of history, they have maintained the tradition of believing in the transformative power of learning, always improving their teaching methodology and tools. Offering more than 400 courses in Brazil and more than 700k trained professionals.

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