What we achieved

  • HCL DX-powered

    portal critical in creating custom cranial prosthetics

  • Portal

    has significantly reduced the wait time from 40 days to just 10

  • Secure

    and efficient collaboration on critical medical designs, all in the browser

To who


  • Part 1


    Innovative medical device and cranial prosthesis supplier was looking to streamline workflows, improve design collaboration, and do it all securely without leaving the web browser.

  • Part 2


    Finceramica adopted HCL DX, which now powers a portal offering secure device design, medical collaboration, review, and even delivery considerations.

  • Part 3


    Finceramica's innovative platform has not only streamlined processes and improved communication but also accelerated prosthesis design and delivery - from 40 days to 10.

The Challenge

Finceramica has been a prominent player in the medical device industry since 1997 and has redefined how brain and bone surgeries are conducted. Finceramica's relentless commitment to innovation and patient well-being has led to a significant impact on the healthcare industry.

They wanted to offer patients facing health challenges a chance at a better life through powerful regenerative medical solutions. They needed to find a way to give healthcare professionals, doctors, and patients rapid access to medical devices, custom orthopedics, and custom implants for skull defects.

These implants are not standardized, off-the-shelf products. Instead, they are meticulously designed to be fully customized and unique for each patient. Finceramica needed to manage the entire process, from the initial design to the final delivery for surgery, and required a digital experience platform that could support that.

Before using HCL Digital Experience, the process was manual and required reliance on mailing CT scans on CDs and the need to validate designs through physical prototypes led to a more prolonged process.

A digital process was needed to streamline and speed up the process.


Our design portal, built with HCL DX, is integral to our custom prosthesis creation, tying together every step from design to delivery. It's removing roadblocks and streamlining workflows, helping us meet patient needs more quickly and precisely.

—Michelle Desogus, CEO

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The Future of Regenerative Surgery Built on HCL Digital Experience

The Solution

The transformation started by targeting ways to improve communication, streamline workflows, and enhance the quality and precision of custom cranial prosthetics.

This new HCL DX-powered design portal would play a pivotal role in Finceramica's journey towards enhancing the creation of custom cranial prosthetics. It would serve as the backbone of the process, seamlessly connecting every step from design to delivery. The intricate world of biomedical manufacturing demands constant communication and teamwork among diverse experts, and HCL DX ensures that everyone is well-informed and actively contributing to informed decisions and creative solutions.

The new platform enhanced convenience and accessibility to all stakeholders. Surgeons were now effortlessly placing orders and monitoring their progress, while distributors enjoyed a more dependable partnership with Finceramica. This newfound reliability fostered trust, and a record-breaking number of orders started streaming in. HCL DX also meets and exceeds security standards in the medical field.


We are excited about our ‘Next Generation Medical Platform,’ a bold project that embodies Finceramica's commitment to growth and innovation. This platform is not merely a system; it serves as a bridge connecting people to Finceramica's groundbreaking regenerative surgery solutions.

—Michelle Desogus, CEO

The Results

Finceramica's web portal has significantly reduced the wait time for custom ceramic implants from 40 days to just 10. More importantly, it has elevated the quality of prosthetics by enabling quick, real-time collaboration and eliminating the need for physical prototypes. This not only reduces costs but also results in more accurate designs. Doctors can provide swift feedback, ensuring the best possible outcomes for patients.

One of the groundbreaking features of Finceramica's web portal is the ability to effortlessly upload CT scans, simplifying and expediting the cranial prosthesis design process for professionals. Users can securely transmit vital medical data with a single click, enabling more tailored prosthesis designs and quicker decision-making. Integrating the “Materialise Surgicase” viewer through HCL DX also allows teams to confirm prosthesis designs within their web browsers without the need for complex, time-consuming external software. This efficient system ensures that each custom prosthesis meets the highest quality and precision standards, instilling confidence in patients and professionals.

Finceramica's innovative web platform, powered by HCL DX, has not only streamlined processes and improved communication but has also accelerated the design and delivery of custom cranial prosthetics. The company's unwavering dedication to innovation and commitment to patient well-being is evident in its ongoing pursuit of groundbreaking solutions for regenerative surgery.

About the company

Finceramica is a company that develops, manufactures, and markets innovative therapeutic solutions for the biomedical sector. The work carried out at Finceramica lies at the junction between the thousand-year-old evolution of ceramic processes and innovation in biomaterials, biosciences, and "regenerative surgery." Their research revolves around the human being and the specific needs of patients and surgeons. Their technology platform is a concrete answer to the daily requirements of orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery, and maxillofacial surgery.

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