• Part 1 Challenge

    Many OS-specific tools from various vendors created a complex, labor-intensive, and difficult-to-manage IT environment, geographically dispersed around the globe. GIT needed more automation and speedier patch deployment.

  • Part 2 Solution

    BigFix Lifecycle, Compliance and Inventory secures and provides visibility and control of over 90,000 endpoints across 40 different locations worldwide.

  • Part 3 Results

    GIT consolidated six tools; reduced patch cycles by 5 days, saving 2700 staff hours annually; created a single source of truth for hardware and software inventory, and substantially reduced IT complexity and costs.

The Challenge

Business challenge

Multiple tools resulted in too many agents from too many vendors, elongated patch cycles, various degrees of scalability across many geographic locations, multiple port dependencies, extensive staff skillsets, and data consolation/reporting challenges. Internet-facing (roaming) computers were basically invisible to IT until they connected to the network.

With BigFix, we have reduced our overall patch cycle, simplified operations, and consolidated multiple tools. A single team manages our endpoints, regardless of operating system.

-Umesh Kad,

Deputy General Manager, GIT Engineering, HCL Technologies

The Solution


As a global IT organization, managing endpoints across many functional teams in multiple time zones presented significant operational challenges. HCL needed more automation, speedier patching, and greater visibility and control of internet-facing laptops. GIT now enjoys a single, integrated endpoint management solution supporting Windows, HP-UX, macOS, and RedHat Linux.

With BigFix, we have visibility and control of our employee’s workstations who are traveling and working from home, patching them as if they were on the network and eliminating the need for employees to come into an office for updates. Most importantly, we now have a cost-effective and scalable endpoint management solution that supports an effective and secure Work From Home strategy.

The Results


By consolidating six different endpoint management tools (SCCM, Flexera Secunia, RedHat Satellite, Flexera Admin Studio, Symantec Wise, and JAMF), GIT now leverages a single, consolidated tool to manage and control all servers and workstations, regardless of operating system, location, connection, and status. Specifically, GIT reduced patch cycles by five (5) days, saving 2700 staff hours annually; gained visibility and control of 15,000 internet facing workstations; simplified staffing and skill requirements, and created a single source of truth for inventory and patch status. Financially, GIT realized substantial savings by reducing annual software spent, eliminating dedicated servers associated the six different tools which were eliminated, and streamlining operational procedures.

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