What we achieved

  • ISO compliance maintained

  • Web-enabled for access anywhere

  • 1 month from installation to operational

To who

  • Industry: Industrial, Plastic products

  • Products: HCL Domino 

  • Business Partner: European House of Quality 



  • Part 1


    KÜHN needed to move to a digital management solution, and away from spreadsheets and documents, to improve efficiencies and quality control in its plastic component production.  

  • Part 2


    HCL Business Partner European House of Quality provided KÜHN their highly configurable, Domino-enabled web app, called Sherlock Web, to handle integrated management procedures. 

  • Part 3


    Within one month, the Sherlock Web System was fully configured and operational and all staff was trained, allowing KÜHN to proactively maintain ISO compliance. 

The Challenge

Expanding ISO Certification

KÜHN, based in Denmark, produces world-class plastic components for companies in the pharma & medical, instruments & optics, process and electronics industries. The organization needs to efficiently manage the production and quality control of a wide variety of components so it can expand its ISO 9001 certification to include ISO 13485 certification.

Management recognized that it was no longer efficient to use static Word documents and Excel spreadsheets as the number of procedures and the amount of product data would rise considerably with the additional certification, and the need for a digitized project and process management solution became urgent.

Sherlock Web, our HCL Domino web app, provides our staff more efficiencies in providing the best service for our customers including documentation according to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.

— Jesper Damm


The Solution

Sherlock Web, a Domino Web App, to the Rescue!

KÜHN reached out to European House of Quality (an HCL Business Partner) for its Sherlock Web® solution, an HCL Domino web app that is a highly configurable system designed for integrated management procedures that takes into account quality, environment, and occupational health and safety. Sherlock Web ensures that documentation requested by the customers and the ISO Standards are readily available for compliance checks, and reports for authorized personnel to review are produced when noncompliance is detected, or corrective action is needed and sends email to all parties involved.

The Results

Driving Greater Efficiency

The Sherlock Web System was installed and fully operational within the first month. It was configured to meet KÜHN’s needs, and the staff was quickly trained in how to use the system. A true boost to overall process efficiencies came with the move to a digital solution. This step replaced “dead or static documents” with live documents that are driven by agents that check for noncompliance and sends email to the responsible parties when they are requested to follow up with corrective action.

The instantaneous graphical display of data in a dashboard also enables the KÜHN management team to act proactively and quickly to keep projects on track and compliant.

Plus, the fact that Sherlock Web is available to employees from their mobile phones encourages easy and prompt recording of any relevant near-misses and nonconformance and lets them submit suggestions for improvement.

With the Sherlock Web app, KÜHN can now efficiently document batch controls and releases, calibrate measuring equipment, maintain statutory inspection of manufacturing equipment, monitor staff competences, conduct internal audits, and more. And, their service requests from customers are effectively managed and easily found.

Sherlock Web also sends reminders to the person in charge of a given task and a personalized dashboard provides a great overview of tasks for employees to monitor and manage their own tasks to completion.

The Road Ahead

The Sherlock Web System has substantially increased the efficiency and value of KÜHN’s quality management system.

Looking ahead, European House of Quality will continue to develop additional functionality of Sherlock Web based on responses from various user groups and internal suggestions and ideas for enhancements from KÜHN employees.

About the company

Denmark company KÜHN offers production of plastic components by robots in clean rooms. The customers are within the pharma & medico Industry, instruments & optics, process and electronics industries. KÜHN takes care of the whole process from idea and development to production and logistics. 


About the Business Partner

European House of Quality, based in Denmark, is an HCL Business Partner with competencies to the HCL Domino software from older versions to newer ones with the constant updating of knowledge and technical certifications. The organization can install and configure the Domino solution Sherlock Web in any type and size of business. Sherlock Web is used in more than 25 countries in more than 500 companies serving thousands of users. 

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