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    line of defense

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    for software and service

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    and expertise at customer’s fingertips

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  • Part 1 Challenge

    External threats to organizations due to various virtual environments.

  • Part 2 Solution

    NeoVAD and their resellers offer HCL BigFix and their service as a single solution to prevent contagions from infiltration.

  • Part 3 Results

    One provider for customers to utilize as a resource and a single security software to bridge technology gaps.

The Challenge

Business Challenge Story

When it comes to securing your server and company as a whole from an IT perspective, it can be a cumbersome undertaking and there’s no such thing as been “too thorough”. But even with the knowledge you bring to the table, there’s always going to be someone who knows just a little bit more than you; and they bring that little extra dose of security by offering pure knowledge and years of expertise and experience. This is why HCLSoftware crafts strategic relationships with business partners to represent our products to best assist you, the customer. NeoVAD, a HCL BigFix business partner in EMEA, speaks to their relationship with customers, “We address the end user to identify opportunities by working with the channel. There is a real value for HCLSoftware, especially on HCL BigFix because patching and having a desktop, server, etc. the main risk and the leaks very often come from the operating system or from the application. When we talk about attacks and cyber risks like that, of course, there is a perimeter to get inside the company and things like that. But there is a lot of things for the zero-day type of attack where you have all of the desktops and servers being infected. You need to have an up-to-date version of the operating system and application. So the idea is to patch and automate the patching model which is something you need to do every day.” Identifying the vulnerabilities your company has prior to adoption of HCL BigFix helps shape the scope of what you need.”

The Solution

Transformation Story

“We use HCL BigFix to give visibility on what you have to do regarding patching, application, lifecycle of your desktop and things like that,” Jerome said. NeoVAD encourages you to automate your security process, especially when it comes to patching. The value of automation to start with is that it reduces the interval between the time of the possible infiltration and the time of its discovery. Being that HCL BigFix is a single agent it covers many different types of operating systems and applications. This also means a single agent for compliance, no matter the operating system. “You have patching, you have the compliance, and you have all the asset management, and also what they call “lifecycle”, where you can deploy, manage the operating system, do remote access, among many other things.” NeoVAD is a distributor who works with resellers of HCL BigFix, which means they host training sessions and present the technology to resellers and explain the value of integrating the software. They present the value and the service resellers can offer to their customers by providing training and support in order to best serve the end users. “We educate them on how to install, how to manage, how to use it on a daily basis, how to product with a product, so they can have autonomy to manage, maintain, deploy, and automate on the end user base… For example, we have master service providers (MSP), people who host a big infrastructure and they run it as MSP. So they have end users and they have a whole infrastructure with virtual machines and desktops… Microsoft already provides some tools to patch the infrastructure, but the tools that Microsoft provides don’t give you the same degree of visibility.”

The Results

Results Story

Being a single-agent, HCL BigFix offers the ability to cover a wide organization with different branches in several locations. NeoVAD emphasizes that you can rapidly have a proxy desktop or server with all of the patching and agents who can deploy locally on a branch. They advise their customers to build an infrastructure for rapid deployment, “HCL BigFix is scaleable in its ability to address several thousand desktops and servers.” An advantage customer see with HCL BigFix is the bridging the gap of communication within organizations in environments where fragmentation is seen. External contagions within the organization is the real risk for companies, but NeoVAD praises HCL BigFix for being the primary protector that prevents the spread. When considering a first line of defense for customers, HCL BigFix is the solution.

About the company

NeoVAD is a distributor of IT solutions, which bases its product portfolio on user experience improvement, cybersecurity and Cloud & Datacenter software.

Their goal is to simplify the user's life, provide them with the best possible experience, analyze the evolution of performance over time and provide them with a stress-free working environment.

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