What we achieved

  • Reduced request processing time

  • Increased co-worker collaboration

  • Greater customer satisfaction

To who

  • Industry:  Industrial Chemical, Textiles

  • Products: DominoNotes

  • Business Partner: Digiway srl


  • Part 1


    Novotex wanted to reorganize its customer information across sales, product managers, and lab operations and make the data workflow easier to manage and communicate.

  • Part 2


    HCL Business partner Digiway built and delivered a fully customized CRM system based on Domino that had more capabilities than off-the-shelf solutions previously considered.

  • Part 3


    The Domino CRM system means that all corporate information is immediately accessible to all employees which fosters both document sharing and increased collaboration.

The Challenge

Organizing Business Workflow

In 2016, Novotex Italiana S.p.A. requested HCL Business Partner Digiway to help reorganize its corporate information flow relating to all customer interactions and overall market portfolio and presence.

This reorganization took into consideration the requirements of various professional disciplines — management, sales staff, product managers, laboratory and internal operational technicians — while making sure not to disrupt the external-facing customer interactions and product portfolio information.

“Introducing the Domino CRM application from Digiway allowed us to achieve the goal of centralizing, streamlining, and standardizing company information. The coordination and easy data sharing have led to more effective business management, greater customer satisfaction, more targeted marketing campaigns, acquisition of new customers and improved our brand reputation. CRM is the focal point of a broader optimization project by introducing a new and modern ‘collaborative’ paradigm.”

— Daniele Vecchi

IT Leader Novotex

The Solution

A Custom CRM System Comes to Life!

Digiway presented a completely customized CRM, based on an existing HCL Domino infrastructure and content. This solution would allow the opportunity to take advantage of all business functions and not be limited by the subset of functionality that pre-packaged, off-the-shelf solutions provide, so Novotex could better adapt to customer needs.

The first phase of the custom project was to integrate with the existing data in the company’s ERP system. This step was done using a special Digiway tool, called Digiway Data Mover, that handled the synchronization of data for customers, suppliers, products, invoices, shipments and customer portfolios.

On top of this core CRM system several other modules were built, such as a problem ticketing system, PIM management, customer visit reporting, price lists for products, creation and scheduling of newsletters and a centralized repository of customer communications.


The Results

A Full-Service Solution

The new CRM solution has nearly eliminated all use of "personal" documents. Instead documents and product information are shared across the organization, and this has fostered a higher level of cooperation and collaboration among colleagues.

Also, the way information is accessed was simplified, making the CRM system immediately usable by all colleagues, regardless of skill level or whether they are new hires or long-time employees. Internal procedures were also improved by moving from a completely manual management to a unified and shared workflow system for automatic processing of requests and approvals. The CRM system acts as an intermediary for the various stakeholders who were involved in the approval processes. This has significantly reduced waiting time as requests move through the multiple phases leading to final approval and executive signoff.

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