What we achieved

  • 86%

    successful ticket resolution rate

  • 2937

    man-hours saved

  • 71%

    mean time to resolve (MTTR) reduction

To who

  • Industry Pharmaceutical

  • Products: HCL BigFix

  • Region Global


  • Part 1 Challenge

    Due to inadequate standardization, IT service desks were overburdened by IT-related incident tickets resulting in high cost of operations and human error.

  • Part 2 Solution

    HCL BigFix Enterprise+ offering combatted company challenges with HCL BigFix Runbook AI, which integrated with ServiceNow automate incident resolution.

  • Part 3 Results

    Integration led to 16 implemented use cases, 86% success rate for service ticket resolution, 2937 man hours saved, and 71% MTTR reduction.

The Challenge

High Cost Operations of Human-Driven Processes

A common theme for companies across the board today are overburdened employees. Additionally, teams within the company are often feverishly trying to find solutions to overcome these ever-evolving challenges. A Fortune 500 American multinational pharmaceutical company faced this exact issue. With 34,000+ employees in mind, they were taxed with inundated service desks due to the traditional human-driven resolution process for recurring incidents, service request (SR) tasks and other types of incidents in their IT environment. Due to inadequate standardization and these human-driven processes, there were many human errors, long MTTDs and MTTRs, and SLA breaches. SMEs performed script executions on servers while ensuring the adherence to change management protocols, all of which contributed to a high cost of operations.


The Solution

Multi-Use Case Solution

Seeking a solution to solve many challenges, this pharmaceutical company found an answer with HCLSoftware’s HCL BigFix Enterprise+. What HCL BigFix offered was a degree of automation to remove manual processes and cutting time to resolve down significantly. HCL BigFix Runbook AI is an intelligent automation product able to be integrated with ServiceNow to automate incident response. Providing a system which handles SRs quickly and successfully alleviated the workload for the IT team and created the capacity for next-level projects. The Intelligent Remediation via HCL BigFix Runbook AI’s integration with ServiceNow yielded in the following use cases:

  • CPU Utilization
  • Drive Clean-up
  • NTP Time Synchronization
  • Backup
  • Domain Data Clean-up
  • Policy configuration check
  • Database service start-up
  • Server and Service Monitoring and Restarts
  • Agent and Process Restarts


The Results

Results Speaking Real-Time Value

The Fortune 500 company reports quantitative and qualitative results that speaks volumes about HCL BigFix Enterprise+. The ticket resolution methodology is fast, reliable, standardized and consistent. The implementation of this solution drastically reduced the SLA from days to hours for patching operations, ensuring a more secure and efficient process.

Systematic workflow execution ensured swift resolution, minimizing disruptions and inconsistencies in system operations. Timely incident resolution reduced data loss risks and compliance concerns associated with backup failures. A facilitated detailed reporting for comprehensive analysis improves insights and aides in prompt decision-making regarding backup maintenance and troubleshooting.

The quantitative impact:

  • Use cases implemented: 16
  • Successful ticket resolution rate: 86%
  • Man hours saved: 2937
  • 71% Mean time to resolve (MTTR) reduction

When staring down the scope of identifying how to secure the IT environment and provide a positive working atmosphere for employees, the multinational pharmaceutical company sought a single solution, which delivered multiple use cases and delivered results they could rely on.

HCL BigFix Enterprise+ delivers automation. It delivers consistency. It delivers when you need it in a Digital+ economy.


About the company

This American multinational pharmaceutical company is one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies and consistently ranks on the Fortune 500 list of the largest US corporations. In 2023, they reported a revenue of $44+ billion and company size of 34K+ employees. They manufacture prescription pharmaceuticals and biologics in several therapeaut areas, including cancer, HIV/AIDS, cardiovascular disease, hepatitis, rheumatoid arthritis, and psychiatric disorders.

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