What we achieved

  • Increased support team productivity by 65%

  • Cost of operations reduced by 40%

  • Real-time transactions with 99% accuracy

To who


  • Part 1 Challenge

    Reliance on outdated set of applications for Order to Cash (OTC) and supplies self-service resulting in high call volume for OTC and supply transactions at the Customer Support Center.

  • Part 2 Solution

    A hosted Digital Experience Platform, HCL DX Now, delivering an AI powered Customer Experience.

  • Part 3 Results

    Single uniformed platform with AI Chatbot technology resulting in 99% accuracy in real-time customer queries or transactions.

The Challenge

Business challenge story

A technology company boasts a proud history of being on the forefront to pioneering research and innovation. With that in mind, they keep their finger on the pulse of the increasing demands and volume they receive from customers and desire to meet those demands. They were challenged with an outdated set of legacy applications for Order to Cash (OTC) and supplies self-service. The limitations of these applications resulted in high call volume at the Customer Support Center to request OTC and supplies transactions. This drove up incremental costs at call centers to process customer service requests manually, adding to the strain of employees. It certainly did not meet the standards of modern consumer expectations nor met the expectations of a global technology company.

The Solution

Transformation story

The solution: HCL DX Now. A hosted Digital Experience platform. This platform provided a unified platform with a standard interface to perform common business interactions and decreased costs and complex support of the call center with an AI-powered customer experience. This also removed the manual processes agents had to perform by manually updating systems in a range of downstream systems. This resulted in significant time and cost savings.

The Results

Results story

HCL DX Now delivered a “Single Pane of Glass Customer Portal,” which streamlined and modernized their customer care functions. Leveraging DX’s integration capabilities, they can bring together various siloed processes and business functions into a single, unified platform.

With DX’s AI Chatbot technology in the customer self-service experience, this company has seen 99% accuracy in answering queries and real-time transactions. They have reduced Global Customer Care cost and seen a reduced cost of operation by 40%. Support teams have increased productivity by 65% with the elimination of manual processes. There is a 40-60% improved time to market, a 60% decrease in load time, and overall increased customer satisfaction. HCL DX Now has truly assisted in taking their Customer Experience to the next level and provides room to innovate in the near future.

About the company

This technology company is an American corporation selling print and digital document products and services in more than 160 countries. Their company focus is on innovation, security, the environment and sustainability, and believes in corporate social responsibility. A technology company with eyes on supporting their customers across the globe, their pride is in being one step ahead for the future.

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