What we achieved

  • Newsfeed updates in digestible form

  • Ability to customize and personalize reporting for unique audiences

  • Mobile app built in a record-breaking 3 months

To who

  • Industry: Retail, Manufacturing

  • Products: Volt MX

  • Region: NA/US, Global


  • Part 1


    Top global manufacturer of consumer goods wanted to give its employees access to data for KPIs and metrics to gauge and measure sales and revenue success.

  • Part 2


    With the Volt MX platform, the HCL Services Team worked with company leaders to adapt their utilization of PowerBI into a mobile app accessible by team members--anytime, anywhere--via a mobile and tablet device.

  • Part 3


    Successful mobile application launch and deployment resulted in quick adoption by over 400 users in the first six months.

The Challenge

Measurable Success in Metrics

In a data-driven world, businesses are measuring their success with key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics for executives and employees. The accessibility of such data is crucial to the organization to identify how well the company is operating. For this leader in retail manufacturing, success can be measured by performance in the marketplace, how the employees are engaging in their performance goals, and whether production is keeping up with demand and quality of products. They recognized the importance of accessibility to performance data and relied on PowerBI to house all their data sets.

As end users demand more and more information--and are less and less willing to wait for it--mobile apps will have to progress with greater agility. HCL's Volt MX platform is the solution to build apps faster, with less overhead and lead time. With the assistance of the HCL Services Team, Volt MX was the solution.


We received very positive internal feedback about the app’s sleek UI and intuitive design that helps users get to the KPIs and metrics needed quickly. The adoption rate of the app has grown significantly since launch from 80 users to 400-plus users in only six months.

—Statement from a leader within retail manufacturing company

The Solution

Intentional Design in Mind

With goals in mind to allow users to quickly understand their business’ successes and setbacks, the effort was put forward to take PowerBI and adapt its data into a mobile application with Volt MX. The intention was to deliver a familiar design to the team for quick and easy adoption into the business. This retail manufacturer tapped into the knowledge base and expertise that the HCL Services Team had to offer. Working closely with company representatives, as well as HCL’s Services team of design, development, engineers, and mobile architects quickly built an app for mobile devices and tablets usable anytime, anywhere by employees.

The HCL Service Team transformed the company’s business data and analytics, allowing brands and their respective areas of focus (sales, revenue, shipment, production, forecast, etc.) to be filtered and accessed as needed. This top manufacturer has named Volt MX and the HCL Service Team as invaluable resources and crucial to the company’s ability to measure success.



The Results

Easily Adoptable Innovation

Utilizing an innovation budget, this enabled bringing mobile analytics to this leader in global manufacturing via Volt MX. In a record-breaking three months’ time, due to Volt MX’s easy-to-build features, the mobile infrastructure and first version of the mobile disk operating system (DOS) was released with zero critical bugs, infrastructure issues or application crashes.

Upgrades on the app have been done on a regular cadence with new mobile dashboards, KPIs and other content packaged in an intuitive and sleek UI which the top executives and business leaders now rely on their daily DOS for data and beyond. It was designed and built in a way to ingest all the company’s news that is published and pushed to users. It allows data taxonomy to narrow down to product brands, categories, KPIs, Geos, etc.; anything that can be done and viewable via PowerBI is available in the mobile app.

Within six months, the total user base grew from the initial 80 executive users to the now over 400+ users in Sales, Finance, PSO and Marketing. The Daily Briefings app brings data for KPIs and metrics fast and efficiently allowing the success of businesses to be measurable and quantifiable, thus influencing key decision makers to make justifiable shifts based on timely data access.

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