• Part 1


    Many companies who employ Industrial control systems (ICS) need to improve and simplify reliability, security, and compliance within the operational enterprise and specifically protect Operational Technology (OT) against cyberattacks.

  • Part 2


    BigFix Patch, integrated into the Verve Industrial Protection agentless management platform, provides effective end point management across traditional OS and embedded OT devices

  • Part 3


    Verve demonstrates measurable improvements in an organization’s OT security posture with a week of implementation, while reducing overall OT management and operation costs.

The Challenge

Companies who have industrial control systems are challenged to secure and maintain those system due to the range of embedded devices which cannot support traditional agents. And like IT organizations, there are multiple management silos, each requiring a specialized skill set.

Verve selected BigFix early in our company’s history because we were able to tune the BigFix Patch agent to operate safely and effectively in distributed OT environments.

— John Livingston

CEO VERVE Industrial Protection

The Solution


The Verve platform leverages BigFix Patch on up to 30% of the industrial control devices that run standard operating systems (Windows, Linux and UNIX). The Verve platform also includes a similar agentless capability to patch and manage imbedded OT devices from Honeywell, Rockwell, Emerson and other vendors.

The Results

Verve has leveraged BigFix in their platform for at least 10 years to support devices running traditional operating systems. We tuned the BigFix Patch agent to operate safely and effectively in distributed OT environments requiring a low power mode, low interruption, and one-way communication. Combined with the agentless capability and our SIEM functionality, Verve has been able to double client cyber maturity within a matter of months.

About the company

Verve Industrial Protection provides a true “defense in depth” of industrial control systems via a single pane of glass for complete endpoint detection and response in OT.

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