What we achieved

  • Built-In ID Card offers security

  • 100% Paperless operations

  • Efficient Event planning & tracking

To who

  • Industry: Entertainment, Sports

  • Products: HCL Volt MX

  • Region: NA/US


  • Part 1


    This company needed to replace its paper and phone-driven processes that tracked, informed, and managed its employees’ worldwide travel.

  • Part 2


    An app was created using Volt MX that manages, tracks, and provides notifications for all logistical details of 500+ yearly events.

  • Part 3


    All employees use this app to constantly stay up-to-date and it allows management to better plan and execute events.

The Challenge

Complex Logistics — Simplified

This organization is an American sports and entertainment media company primarily known for professional wrestling, but it also operates in other fields, including movies and football. It’s an organization with lots of complex internal processes and procedures that drive the business. And, like most large enterprises, it’s always looking for ways to make processes and systems more efficient and easier to access and use.

About 10 years ago, it became clear this company needed a better way to manage and communicate the complex logistical details associated with its 500+ yearly events and be able to handle and communicate all logistics to its staff and management team.

All systems were primarily driven by paper and phone-based processes that were both time consuming and prone to error. Modernizing logistics became essential.

With our new talent planner app, built on HCL Volt MX, we are keeping everyone informed and on-time for the more than 500 worldwide events that happen yearly. As a result, our event planning is efficient, and our staff is 75% more productive than they were with our old paper and phone-driven processes.

– Representative for

Major Sports and Entertainment Company

The Solution

Becoming More Efficient

Initially, the organization built a web app that was powered by the existing tech stack, making it easy to maintain. But it didn’t provide a good user experience, so they used the powerful low-code platform of Volt MX to build a native app. This made for easier development and deployment and provided welcoming access for everyone — and it integrated the complex and disparate data sources and back-end systems.

The new app has features that track and manage flights, car-rentals, time-off, event scheduling and, most importantly, provide notifications to keep employees informed of where they need to be and when.

With so many events and people to track, accurate notifications were vitally important. For security purposes and to keep everyone moving quickly, the app also provides a unique ID “card” for each talent member so that even if that person is wearing a face mask as part of their attire, they can use the app to gain access to the ring or backstage area.

The Results

Building More Apps with Volt MX

The talent-tracking app was so well-received that the company has engaged with an HCL Business Partner for more apps to be developed and deployed. These apps include:

  • A crew scheduling app, similar to the initial app but for scheduling and planning event setups — lights, seats, billboard, etc.>/li>
  • An app that shows when events are happening and how customers can get tickets
  • A marketing and sales app that can record ticket sales, manage contracts and upload pertinent information for the teams
  • One being developed for real-time chat with customers


Once built, each app was easily deployed to all talent and management team members and adopted almost instantly across the organization.

About the company

This Sport & Entertainment company is an American integrated media and entertainment company that is primarily known for professional wrestling, but they have also branched out into other fields, including movies, football and various other business ventures.

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