What we achieved

  • Build once, deploy everywhere

  • 650K citizens have Mobile DMV services

  • Integrations without limits to back-end services

To who

  • Industry: State Government

  • Products: HCL Volt MX

  • Region: NA/US


  • Part 1 Challenge

    This government agency wanted to provide 650K citizens with a secure app that allows them to avoid an in-person trip to the DMV.

  • Part 2 Solution

    The DMV chose HCL Volt MX to create the mobile app, which is highly secure and provides a new and exceptional user experience.

  • Part 3 Results

    The hugely successful “Skip the Trip” capability has since been extended out to dealerships, making car purchase and registration a breeze.

The Challenge

Skip the Trip: Making a DMV Experience Better

Most people have had the time-consuming and bureaucratic experience of going to a Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) center in person, waiting in long lines for your number to be called, and then filling out actual paperwork to complete a car registration, apply for a new driver’s license, or pay a fine for parking or speeding.

This DMV took the painful process for citizens seriously and wanted to better serve its 650,000 citizens. So, it built and deployed a mobile app that was an extension to its website. It provided residents with rich and useful motor vehicle information, but it initially still required an actual visit to the building. It was clear the app needed to do better.

The idea was that the app would include a “skip the trip” capability, so citizens no longer had to go in person to the DMV and wait in lines. They could instead do all their DMV business — license renewals, ID generation, car registration and other vehicle services — completely and securely from anywhere and at any time from their mobile device.

With HCL Volt MX, this Department of Motor Vehicles has been able to deliver an all-in-one mobile application that offers residents state services at their fingertips, providing them convenience and safety by avoiding a physical trip to their local service centers. Residents are now able to complete a variety of auto-related transactions wherever and whenever, in just a few clicks.

— An observation by this DMV

The Solution

Volt MX Helped the DMV Digitally Pivot

The plan initially was to digitally pivot their services by taking their old app and transforming it into a new mobile app that was rock-solid in security. But it became clear that the HCL Volt MX platform provided the necessary tools and out-of-the-box building blocks they needed to take the app to the next level.

In addition to the fact that Volt MX is an industry-leading low-code platform, it was chosen because

  • It’s a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant
  • It allows companies to build true, native multiexperience applications without the need for iOS or Android developer skills
  • it’s a tried-and-tested solution that enables effortless digital transformation
  • It can help companies build in security measures that meet stringent government security standards

It became quickly clear that the DMV’s developers could use Volt Foundry to easily integrate the DMV’s core back-end databases and content management systems that have been in place for years and used across their agency. This enabled the new application to seamlessly slide into place with minimal disruption to operations, and with end-to-end encryption and protected binaries for rock-solid security.

With the new Volt MX mobile application, citizens are now able to conveniently carry their authenticated license, identity card, car registration in their Apple wallet, alongside where they would similarly store secure credit card information for making purchases. This makes showing a digital version of a license or car registration simple and easy.

Here is a quick list of the wide range of capabilities offered by this app:

  • Virtual queuesthat allow customers who choose to walk in instead of ”skip the trip” to enable a digital ”line” outside and receive alerts for when a customer service staff is available
  • Appointment scheduling: reduce walk-ins and enable in-app scheduling
  • Push notifications: for various reminders such as registration renewals, lapsed payments, and more
  • Digital identification: Digital license verification when working with law enforcement (without the need for a physical card)
  • General information: Locations and hours, emergency closures, interpreter and translation services

The Results

The “Road” Ahead for This DMV

The successful deployment of the new Volt MX mobile app is just the beginning!

The app capabilities have now been extended out to more uses for the consumer, including car dealerships. Buying a car is not traditionally a streamlined transaction, but, with the app, setting up a new car registration is a breeze. No more trips to the DMV to get a new car registered and ready for the new owner to happily drive away! Temporary license plates for new cars can be issued by simply scanning in the VIN# and then paying online through ApplePay.

Another new feature is the ability for a citizen to generate a special identity QR code. Imagine going to a drug store, hotel or wherever you are asked to show your ID and being able to present them a personal identity code, without exposing your personal information. No more fake IDs.

In the first 6 months, the DMV was able to roll out 46 of their services in a phased deployment style, allowing them to deploy, test, correct, and re-deploy in stages. This allowed for unprecedented speed and success with the app.

In the Apple AppStore the app rating has gone from 1.6 to 4.6, and there are 1,000 new app installation per week. The DMV is thrilled with these outcomes.

This DMV now knows that “If they can imagine it… they can build it” with HCL Volt MX.

About the company

This Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) provides certification and inspection services to residents, businesses, and government entities so they may legally park, drive, and sell their vehicles in a major US city.

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