What we achieved

  • 12M Citizens: Get Key Services

  • 5 Apps Deployed In Less Than 1 Year

  • Training & Placement for Furloughed Workers

To who

  • Industry: State Government

  • Products: HCL Volt MX


    Region: NA/US



  • Part 1 Challenge

    This state government needed to deliver important family services to their 12 million citizens in a modern, mobile, and secure way. 

  • Part 2 Solution

    HCL Volt MX is the platform of choice because of its flexibility, rich feature set, and lower cost compared to other low-code platforms in the market.  

  • Part 3 Results

    In less than one year, five mission-critical Volt MX apps were deployed, up, and running.

The Challenge

Helping Families in Need

This US state government organization provides many family and job-related services to its nearly 12 million citizens. They have services that run the gamut — job placement, food supply, Medicare, child support, foster care, protection of newborns and children, unemployment, farm workers and veteran support, to name just a few.

Also, they translate complex state and federal laws into approachable and understandable workforce policies that bring clarity and efficiency to the work they do.

They needed help. They have an enormous volume of data that was needed to keep secure, accurate, and available to its citizens in a new, modern, and mobile way. To do this, they underwent a dramatic digital transformation. They turned their outdated, largely paper-driven operations into mobile apps that allowed citizens to access services wherever they are and on a device of their choice.

After evaluating multiple vendors, they went with HCL Volt MX, determining that it was the best low-code platform to achieve both digital transformation — and deliver multiple mobile apps.

With FIVE HCL Volt MX mobile applications this state government agency has been able to deliver crucial survival services to millions of citizens and families in their state.

The Solution

Volt MX Easily Delivers Crucial Family Services Apps

They chose the HCL Volt MX platform because:

  • It’s flexible — with one single code base, they could deliver apps for any operating system and any device
  • It has a rich set of features including a component library of reusable and customizable “parts” make building apps fast
  • It has greater value per dollar compared to other low-code solutions in the market

From concept to completion, a small development team was able to develop, test, and deploys 5 robust apps in less than a year. The apps run on iOS and Android mobile devices and have been used every day since then.

The apps ensure that many services the organization provides to its citizens can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. The apps provide these crucial services:

  • A court-hearing portal that gives citizens the opportunity to ask the state for a hearing if their benefits were wrongly denied or terminated.
  • A child-support app that allows secure access to parents’ information, including support orders, making/receiving payments, and payment history.
  • A labor-market app that aggregates historical labor market statistics related to labor force numbers, payroll jobs, unemployment rates, and provides users the ability to download the raw data into easy-to-use reports.
  • A rapid-response app that helps the organization quickly identify, train and deploy qualified workers who have been recently furloughed so that they can be placed into new jobs and get back on their feet.
  • A SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) related app that allows citizens to access information regarding food stamps, local farmers’ market locations, and important nutrition information.

The Results

More Apps to Come

With all the success of the apps they’ve built so far, the organization is ready to use HCL Volt MX to build many more to provide even more crucial services to this state organization’s millions of citizens.

About the company

This is a state-run government organization with a mission to improve the well-being of the state’s workers and families and ensure the safety of the most vulnerable citizens. 

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