What we achieved

  • Mobile app for safe migration worldwide

  • 180 countries in 8 Languages

  • iOS & Android devices on and offline

To who

  • Industry: World Government

  • Products: HCL Volt MX

  • Region: DACH


  • Part 1 Challenge

    This organization was started to help WWII war refugees and migrants get settled. They needed to expand safe travel for migrants globally, and with a modern app.

  • Part 2 Solution

    They created a mobile app for that provides support for every step of planning safe migration for citizens in 180 countries and in 8 languages.

  • Part 3 Results

    The Volt MX platform enabled them to quickly create a highly secure app that works online and off, helping create maximum reach.

The Challenge

Helping Migrants Globally

This leading inter-governmental United Nations (UN) organization started in 1951 by promoting and supporting the orderly migration and safe harboring of displaced citizens after WWII.

They wanted to advance and expand on their foundational mission by offering safe, secure, orderly — and mobile — migration services to all citizens of the world.

Their goal was to provide easily accessible information so that citizens could connect to legitimate service providers for every step of planning their travel. Their plan was to provide a one-stop-shop platform for accessing relevant and up-to-date information on all travel services so migrants can make their travel decisions based on current, accurate, and practical information.

They needed to determine which digital solution would help make their vision a reality and would be the best choice from a functional, usability and cost perspective.

HCL Volt MX has enabled this humanitarian branch of the UN to build and deploy a migration app that is a one-stop-shop for citizens of the world who can safely and securely manage every step of their travel to/from 180 countries and keeps its users/citizens fully informed of the latest travel information along the way.

--- An observation by this UN humanitarian migration organization

The Solution

Volt MX Is the Right Choice for Low-Code App Dev


To make their renewed mission a success, they needed to choose the right app-dev platform. They reviewed several low-code digital solutions, including HCL Volt MX and Microsoft PowerApps. They determined that HCL Volt MX hosted on the AWS Cloud was the better choice for several reasons. Volt MX was deemed superior because:

  • It allows developers to use a single code base and deploy that on any device
  • It’s secure
  • It’s easy to use for developers
  • It has a built-in component library of re-useable and customizable code snippets
  • It makes building apps fast and easy
  • It’s comparatively lower cost

The organization moved ahead and formed a development team and established Volt MX as their low-code development platform. They built and have now deployed their FREE HCL Volt MX Migration mobile app for both iOS and Android.

The many features and functions in their Volt MX migration app include:

  • Being a practical “toolkit” to assist travelers through customs when arriving in a country
  • The ability to share stories about migration experiences as relatable references for those about to travel
  • Information on available medical facilities
  • Information about language, currency and conversion rates, population, and safety tips
  • Education about migration services — visa assistance, health regulations and general training
  • A place to store important travel documents so they are organized and readily available
  • Emergency information to help recognize and counter human trafficking situations
  • And, most recently, information on the critical circumstances in Ukraine


They are proud of their app’s success, and the fact that it provides a full range of support services for safe migration is gratifying. It supports travel needs to and from 180 countries and correspondence in 8 languages. Hosted on the AWS Cloud, It is the one-stop-shop solution they were hoping to provide for safe migration.

This Volt MX app empowers migrants to take charge of their own journey and not be dependent on people they don’t know or trust!

The Results

Providing Tangible Migration Help to Citizens of the World!

Because of the remarkable reach they have been able to achieve, thanks to their Volt MX Migration mobile app, they can more easily provide tangible travel support services. They expect their ability to help citizens — a primary mission — will continue through the development and deployment of new Volt MX apps that meet future needs.

About the company

Since 1951 this leading inter-governmental organization has always promoted the safe and orderly migration citizens, starting with displaced WWII refugees up to today where they provide an HCL Volt MX migration app to assist citizens of the world with safe and informed migration to 180+ countries and with support for 8 languages.

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