What we achieved

  • Cost savings in Z product licenses

  • HCL offers best-in-case support

  • Migration completed in a few weeks

To who


  • Part 1 Challenge

    Cost containment in procurement of product licenses without sacrificing service levels, system availability, and performance to avoid any risk to the business’ mainframe.

  • Part 2 Solution

    Software maintenance, support, licensing through HCL business partner, Top Gun Technology, for the products: Z Abend Investigator S&S and HCL Z Workload Scheduler S&S.

  • Part 3 Results

    Migration to the solution was so easy, we ended up with better support than ever and actually saved more money than projected.

The Challenge

Business challenge

This insurance company needed to transition their software solutions environment to HCL versions of those same solutions, but were skeptical and not willing to sacrifice system availability, performance or disruption in customer service. HCL Z Abend Investigator (ZAI) helps you determine the root cause of an application abend by analyzing the application’s environment in real-time or from a system dump. ZAI provides detailed analysis of the abend at the source level of your application and so assists in efficient abend resolution.

HCL Workload Automation for Z mainframes (HWAz) is the ultimate meta-orchestrator for continuous automation, leveraging containerization for the distributed components with an intuitive user interface, while offering the lowest TCO on the market.

We never would have known these HCL solutions existed if it weren’t for our Business Partner Top Gun Technology. More than 33% OPEX savings, more functionality available, and dedicated support. Truly a no brainer! And this whole magic happened over just a few weeks, a truly incredible speedy transition.

An observation from a representative from this Insurance company

The Solution


Having been a partner with Top Gun Technology for years, the HCL solution proposed made sense for a multitude of reasons. Top Gun provided a one-stop-shop for licensing, maintenance, and services & support (S&S) for this customer’s use of Z Abend Investigator and Z Workload to monitor and maintain the robustness and integrity of their Z platform environment for their customers. The migration to HCL Z Solutions for this customer was completed in a few weeks.

The Results


The results have been outstanding. After some initial apprehension by the customer’s executive team with respect to leaving the original solution provider, they decided to move ahead and migrate to HCL Z solutions. The migration was easy, the HCL Support was better than expected, and there were more cost savings than expected due to this move. Top Gun (BP) successfully orchestrated, executed, and provided full support for this successful move. They can now offer their 15 insurance services' apps in multiple languages and in 80+ countries around the world.

About the company

Top Gun Technology is an HCL Business Partner. They create long-term client value by providing maintenance support and pre-owned hardware solutions for mission critical mainframes, servers, storage and networking within the customer’s data center environment. Their commitment is to always employ a world leading technical team and product solution experts for the equipment they support and service.

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