What we achieved

  • Faster time to market for banking widgets

  • Increased productivity with easy data access

  • Increased security for all content

To who


  • Part 1


    A major credit union wanted to reduce its operational costs and make the day-to-day transactional work with customers easier and more efficient for bank tellers.

  • Part 2


    Streebo produced a “unified teller portal” that allows tellers to easily access account details and offer the best banking deals for customers.

  • Part 3


    The functionality and daily use of the unified teller portal has improved the employee and customer service and experience overall.

The Challenge

Banking Processes Needed a Boost

In the past, this credit union’s staff was gathering financial transaction details for their customers through disparate sources. While trying to surface and offer customers the best solutions to match their banking needs, they had to dig through multiple systems, all using different login credentials. This process was tedious at best, but it also negatively impacted the staff’s productivity and efficiency. And with multiple systems and platforms involved on the back end, this resulted in incremental increases in system maintenance cost.

Increasing operational costs and decreasing employee efficiencies was a losing strategy.

With HCL DX and its expertise, Streebo created a ‘unified teller portal’ that helped this credit union’s staff instantly access details of customer accounts and their transactions. In the past, these account details were getting captured in various portals with multiple logins, making it a challenge to navigate to collect information.

—A credit union representative

The Solution

Banking Strategy Refreshed

Combining the power of HCL Digital Experience and its unique automation tooling, Streebo was quickly able to assemble a comprehensive “teller portal” for the credit union. With single sign-on (SSO) capability, the portal provides unified access to the customer account details and transactional information and instantly presents it on the screen via a single collection point in a centralized user interface.

Digging deeper into the solution, Streebo was able to consolidate multiple applications and interfaces to one unified portal and then integrate it with multiple backend systems that the credit union has been using for years. This transformation and building the new portal happened quickly, thus allowing the credit union and its affiliates to go live with the new teller portal solution within a matter of weeks.

Also, HCL Content Manager was integrated to help business users easily manage the content on the portal for years to come.

The new portal includes these powerful capabilities:

  • Role-based access that provides a tailor-made experience for multiple credit unions
  • Ease of managing content with HCL Content Manager
  • Cross-platform and multi-device support, for easy access from anywhere
  • Point and click integration with complex backend systems, some being third party!
  • Home-grown and multi-vendor solutions are consolidated to a single platform, thereby reducing technical redundancy and increasing security

The Results


The credit union realized benefits almost immediately in the form of employee efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Specific benefits include:

  • Faster time to market with Streebo’s library of banking and payment widgets (reduced development efforts)
  • Improved employee productivity withunified access to all the customers’ details and their transactions, resulting in faster customer response
  • Reduced technical redundancy and increasing security with all home-grown and multi-vendor been consolidated under single platform

Building on their success, the credit union plans to reap the benefits of the unified teller portal for years to come.

About the company

The customer is a leading Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) serving 30 million+ members (customers) through 800+ Credit Unions. Owned and governed by credit unions, their client follows an agile approach in delivering a scalable, yet a tailormade banking experience to various Credit Union members since 1977.

About the Business Partner

Streebo (HCL BP) - Headquartered in Houston, Texas, with offices across the Americas, Middle East, India and operating across the world through its widespread business partner eco-systems, Streebo is a HCL Business Partner and a global provider of enterprise mobility and multi-channel solutions for banking, insurance, financial services, manufacturing and retail industries. They have been awarded with various HCL accolades through the years and, also listed on Insight Success as one of the most promising enterprise mobility companies.

The unified DX portal helps credit unions improve the customer service and employee experience.

—A credit union representative

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