IT Operations Optimization Model

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IT Operations Optimization Model

The IT operations optimization model depicts specific endpoint security processes that are typically associated with increasing levels of optimization. This model illustrates three levels of optimization for endpoint security management: Traditional, Advanced, and Optimized.

Optimizing IT Operations is the business imperative of 2023

Today the enterprise endpoint environment has shifted: many more types of endpoints, complex network topology and an ever increasing attack surface challenges every operations team. However, there is limited control and visibility to manage all the systems, leading to a long remediation time for detected vulnerabilities. Moreover, organizations have to bear millions of costs to comply with mandatory regulations.


Of breaches occur because a patch was available for known vulnerability but not applied

60 days

For an organization to remediate critical vulnerabilities

<15 days

For attackers to exploit a discovered vulnerability

Map Your Own Level of Optimization

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The HCL BigFix product team has decades of experience optimizing the world’s largest enterprises and has now put this knowledge into an easy to understand qualitative model that you can use to judge your current level with a score and provide a roadmap to better performance at lower cost.

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