Automate and protect your secure infrastructure

HCL CLARA AI virtual assistant

Automate and protect your secure infrastructure

We empower IT to secure and manage every type of datacenter endpoint. So whether you’re on-prem, virtual, or cloud-based, our automating operations help you maintain compliance - with a single endpoint management platform.

HCL BigFix Secure Infrastructure Automaton

HCL BigFix Automation Technology

HCL CLARA AI virtual assistant

HCL BigFix Automation Technology

HCL BigFix Fixlets® and tasks are core to the HCL BigFix platform and perform required actions on selected computers. Although similar in their function, Fixlets are used to enforce compliance policies while tasks are actions that are run by IT staff. Both provide powerful automation capabilities for server management teams.

With thousands of HCL BigFix Fixlets and tasks available to download, almost anything can be automated.

Benefits of HCL BigFix Secure Infrastructure Automation


Save countless hours by automating complex tasks, patching, OS deployment, software distribution, compliance, vulnerability management, and optimizing endpoint management processes across Windows, UNIX and Linux.


Secure your server infrastructure by speeding the discovery, prioritization and remediation of critical vulnerabilities using HCL BigFix CyberFOCUS Security Analytics.


Reduce the complexity and skill requirements by unifying management of on-premise and cloud servers using one consolidated, integrated solution.

Lower TCO

Lower your total cost of server ownership by consolidating management tools and optimizing IT processes.

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