BigFix is an effective solution that protects endpoints before an attack,
helps respond to specific cyberattacks and threats,
and helps rebuild endpoints after an attack.

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Act now to address the MOVEit Vulnerability

Hundreds of organizations who use the MOVEit file transfer tool have been attacked by a Russian-affiliated group. CISA has issued an advisory.

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Attack CyberRisk with CyberFOCUS Analytics

Enabling IT Ops to discover and prioritize currently exploited vulnerabilities, while measuring performance against PLAs.

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OpenSLP heap overflow in VMWare ESXi

Semi-automated attacks may be targeting unpatched and internet-exposed instances using CVE-2021–21974

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New OpenSSL V3 Vulnerabilities

OpenSSL V3+ are affected. OpenSSL project release V3.0.7 to remediate vulnerabilities.

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Implement NIST Framework

Download whitepapers about how HCL BigFix supports the NIST Ransomware Profile.

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Conti Group Vulnerabilities

Conti, a Russian-based ransomware group, operates a ransomware-as-a-service model that leverages 33 known vulnerabilities.

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Ensure Continuous Compliance

Speed policy creation and enables continuous and automatic endpoint assessment, analytics, and remediation.

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Log4Shell Vulnerability

Log4Shell is an internet vulnerability that affects millions of computers involving a ubiquitous piece of software, Log4j

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Remediate Vulnerabilities Fast

Compresses the time between vulnerability discovery and remediation using HCL BigFix integration with Tenable and Qualys.

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Chrome CVE-2022-1096 Vulnerability

This vulnerability makes all Chromium based browsers vulnerable to attack.

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