The Forescout platform integrates with HCL BigFix Patch to provide an automated, simplified patching process that is administered from a single console. It provides real-time visibility and enforcement to deploy and manage patches to all endpoints – on and off the corporate network. HCL BigFix security software identifies all of a company’s PCs, laptops, and servers, and then monitors and flags IT administrators when devices are not in compliance with corporate IT security standards. HCL BigFix can apply security fixes across hundreds of thousands of machines in a matter of minutes.​​


  • Network access control that dynamically quarantines or blocks deviant devices from accessing the corporate network
  • Seamless HCL BigFix enrollment and agent installation for non- registered devices.


  • Increase Operational Efficiency: Through real-time enrollment of all relevant systems in HCL BigFix
  • Reduce Security Risk: Continuously monitor and enforce device patching and configuration according to security policies and compliance standards
  • Continuous Enforcement: Continuous assessment, management, and enforcement of security updates across all HCL BigFix registered systems

Use Cases

Forescout eyeExtend for HCL BigFix integrates the Forescout platform and HCL BigFix so that you can:

  • Quickly enroll and deploy HCL BigFix Agents to newly-connected endpoints.
  • Use HCL BigFix Fixlets to ensure continuous compliance of your endpoints.
  • Obtain extended information on host properties from HCL BigFix (i.e. operating system and remediation items) to drive policies within Forescout.

Additional Resources

Configuration Guide for eyeExtend for HCL BigFix


Forescout Support


HCL BigFix v9.5+
Forescout v.8.1.x+