This feature of Rapid7's InsightVM accelerates remediation of discovered vulnerabilities with automation-assisted patching via BigFix.


Industry best practices dictate that companies should keep software up to-date as part of maintaining a healthy security posture. Yet managing and patching vulnerabilities, especially when it comes to vendors and third party software, can be repetitive, time-consuming, and prone to human error. The automated integration makes the patching process quicker, more accurate, and yet retains control control over key endpoint management decisions. InsightVM, Rapid7’s vulnerability assessment solution, and BigFix integrate at no additional cost so you can accelerate your VM program to streamline patching, reduce risk, and increase efficiency.

  • Querying endpoints
  • Taking remediation actions including pushing custom content and a refresh to multiple computers
  • Monitoring post-action behavior
  • Using script commands and REST API


By combining the power of InsightVM and BigFix, you can identify your most critical vulnerabilities and seamlessly correlate the appropriate remediation actions to save time and lower the chances of error. With these tools you will:

  • Simplify the patching process through orchestrated workflows
  • Validate that specific patching actions have occurred
  • Create visibility into discrepancies that may exist between InsightVM and BigFix patching reports

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  • Rapid7 InsightVM
  • BigFix v9.5+