Accelerate incident response by integrating HCL BigFix with Resilient to enrich incident data with endpoint contexts from HCL BigFix , as well as executing HCL BigFix search and remediation actions directly from within Resilient. ​​

Security teams can orchestrate incident response processes with automatic and manual enrichment and targeted remediation actions. Teams can investigate the breadth and depth of an attack by hunting for IOCs across the enterprise, and quickly respond to attacks by executing endpoint remediation actions, such as killing processes, from within the Resilient platform.​​


  • Accelerate incident response by harnessing the power of the HCL BigFix Platform directly within Resilient
  • Automate and streamline manual operations around discovery, investigation and response
  • Reduce risk with improved response times to threats and attacks
  • IBM validated integration

Use Cases

  • Discover: Search for an IOC from Resilient across all your endpoints via HCL BigFix to determine the scope of an incident
  • Investigate: Enrich investigations with deep and broad endpoint contexts from HCL BigFix
  • Respond: Initiate HCL BigFix remediation actions directly from within Resilient

Additional Resources

  • Link to IBM X-Force App Exchange HCL BigFix Integration for Resilient page here
  • Installation documentation on partner site here


IBM Resilient Support


HCL BigFix v9.5+
Resilient v.31+