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The Next Step in Our Verification Journey

Following the significant milestone of obtaining Oracle Global License Advisory Services (GLAS) verification for Oracle Java SE usage data collection, HCL BigFix Inventory is proud to announce its latest achievement: extending this verification to encompass the Oracle Database.

The verification of HCL BigFix by Oracle GLAS for Oracle Database management marks a significant step in our journey to provide comprehensive and reliable SAM solutions. By expanding our verified capabilities to one of the top databases, we enforce our commitment to supporting our customers' needs, helping achieve optimal efficiency and compliance in software asset management efforts.

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Oracle and IBM: A Beacon of Software Compliance

BigFix Inventory is now verified by Oracle and certified by IBM. With this development, BigFix Inventory becomes a leading market solution for software compliance, empowering organizations to navigate the complexities of software licensing with confidence while lowering IT costs. BigFix Inventory's ability to provide comprehensive and accurate software usage data helps ensure that organizations maintain compliance with licensing agreements.

To explore how HCL BigFix Inventory can transform your organization's approach to SAM, we invite you to visit our solution page for more details. Join us in embracing this new era of software asset management, where compliance, optimization, and security are seamlessly integrated.


Oracle, Java, MySQL and NetSuite are registered trademarks of Oracle Corporation. NetSuite was the first cloud company—ushering in the new era of cloud computing.

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