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While just about every company today has a digital transformation strategy, most struggle to generate successful outcomes. The Harvard Business Review estimates that 87.5% of digital transformations “fail to meet their original objectives.”

Reasons for such a low success rate vary, but one area that merits significantly more attention from enterprise decision-makers is employee experience. After all, companies have a lot riding on how well their employees can do their jobs.

Employees that enjoy great experiences at work help their companies reach new performance heights. Research shows that companies providing great experiences outperform S&P enterprises by 122%. This means organizations not only create a better working environment for their workforce, but also help themselves in a measurable way.

Wasted Time

Currently, too many organizations are falling short when it comes to employee experience. A recent survey found employees spend 25% of their time searching for information because they have to navigate multiple applications for a single business process. It’s wasted time that can never be recovered and ultimately hurts the bottom line.

It’s frustrating for employees, cutting into their productivity and eroding the gratification they should get from a job well done. If employees are spending that much time just looking for information, it is clear that the organization needs to make changes.

With that in mind, companies should make employee experience a priority for their digital transformations. They should be enabling agile methods for task completion. And that means investing in intelligent tools such as a digital experience platform (DXP) that centralizes systems, data and content and learns user habits to continually improve the employee experience.

Workers shouldn’t have to spend 10 minutes trying to find a link to HR policies or an application they need for a specific task. And they won’t have to if they can leverage AI automation and self-service portals providing quick access to relevant content.

The need for these capabilities is urgent. Over the past three years, the average number of applications an employee uses to execute their work rose 68%. Employees on average come across 72 applications in their day-to-day experience. Juggling that much software is time-consuming, and it explains how a fifth of the workday can be lost to the simple task of searching for the correct application.

Changing Expectations

The need for great employee experiences is also urgent for another reason – expectations have dramatically changed. Employees want easy access to digital assets that provide meaningful content relevant to their jobs. They want tools that enable collaboration with other workers in other teams and to make important contributions to the organization’s mission. Having the ability to do so helps get them noticed, boosting their chances of success in their jobs and enhancing career advancement prospects.

In a recent Microsoft poll, 59% of respondents said the collaboration tools they use are misaligned with their teams’ work preferences. Furthermore, 64% said the tools don’t integrate with company processes such as marketing, finance and sales. And 72% said they would like collaboration tools that are compatible with one another because, otherwise, it’s difficult to work with other teams.

All these wishes can be fulfilled with the right DXP — one that centralizes access to everything, from HR policies to business applications to web-based resources. The right DXP delivers personalized experiences so that when an employee logs in, the person is recognized. This eliminates the frustration of getting notifications to sign up for services a person already has. Or wasting valuable time trying to remember how to access a particular application.

DXP software enables collaboration and links employees across corporate groups to share information, learn from each other, and complete tasks together. Advanced DXP solutions have built-in intelligence to personalize experiences. So, each time a user logs in, the platform learns a little more about the individual to make content more relevant and targeted each time.

As organizations undergo digital transformation, they stand to benefit significantly from enhancing the employee experience. Doing so increases the chances of success for the transformation overall so that organizations can better compete in the digital economy.

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