You Need a Platform That Can Deliver

HCL CLARA AI virtual assistant

You Need a Platform That Can Deliver

  • Real communication that employees will hear
    Reach every employee with personalized communications on any device in any language.
  • Powerful productivity and collaboration tools
    Unify your organization’s content, user-generated content and applications in a single digital experience that employees enjoy.
  • Human connections at scale
    Provide personalized content and tailor the experience to each individual based on their behavior and their network.

Engaged Employees Can Do More!

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Unlocking Employee Productivity with HCL DX

Engaged Employees Can Do More!

Discover how HCL is reshaping the future of the digital workplace, putting employees at the center of organizational success. Learn about the key elements of a successful Employee Experience that fosters engagement, collaboration, and productivity.

HCL Compass

See why Gartner ranks us second-highest in B2E HCL Digital Experiences in the 2024 Gartner Critical Capabilities Report

HCL’s leadership in the B2E space helps organizations build engaging employee experiences that foster open communication and collaboration across geographical, organizational, and technological boundaries.

Be the organization that
knows its employees

Engage them at the right time with the right content
and tools so they can make meaningful contributions
to the growth of your organization.