For HCL Digital Experience customers, this means they can maintain their investments in HCL’s trusted and proven Digital Experience platform while also taking advantage of the global reach, security, and elasticity of Google Cloud. HCL DX customers will also gain insights into how their customers are engaging with content on their site with streamlined integration with Google Analytics 360 and HCL Unica Discover. As a result, firms can optimize customer journeys.

HCL Digital Experience & Google Cloud Platform Synergies


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Insights Behind the Login

Together, Google Cloud and HCL are providing robust, enterprise-grade solutions to global clients that are at the heart of HCL customer experience solutions that include HCL Digital Experience, HCL Commerce and HCL Unica. The power of these solutions comes together at the intersection of data, process and applications behind the login – that is where the magic happens.

This joint program with HCL Software and Google Cloud brings a wealth of capabilities that HCL DX customers can take advantage of for prescriptive solutions powered by Google Cloud innovation, starting with our support to run a Kubernetes deployment in the Google Cloud Platform for clients that seek cloud deployments. We are also putting emphasis on Google API’s for things like image and voice search.

HCL DX now has comprehensive analytics powered by integrations with GA360 and HCL Unica Discover, as well as insights generated through BigQuery AI/ML to provide the visualization needed to understand customer intent.

Why does this matter? Well, one simple area that is not often analyzed is the abandonment of experience. You have to go beyond what the simple analytics tells you and study the actually experience combining GA 360 and HCL Discover insights.

Online Abandonment Comes in Many Forms

Browse Abandonment

When a user is browsing your digital content but doesn't follow your calls to action.

Form Abandonment

When a user fills out a form, but doesn't submit it.

Trial Abandonment

When a user begins a trial period for a service but doesn't sign up.

Cart Abandonment

When a potential customer adds one or more of your products to their shopping cart, but doesn't check out

And beyond any shadow of a doubt, the notion of struggle by users, especially logged-in users who are trying to truly engage for some form of “transaction,” has a tremendous impact on the difference between an experience (what happens to you) and an engagement (a choice you make) that matters.

Abandonment Hits the Bottom Line

Rates by Industry













Rates by Product

Insights into the customer’s digital experience, especially behind the login, are mission-critical because sometimes real life decisions must be made. One great example is with caregivers. Health-care management is when it is critically important to be able to recommend the right information to drive the right care at the right time. Powered by insights from Bigquery AI/ML, we can find ways to drive consumers to the content they need surrounded by their highly secured electronic medical record and health details.

Cloud Native for Maximum Flexibility and Choice

Google Cloud now joins Amazon EKS and Microsoft Azure as strategic cloud platforms for HCL Digital Experience, providing global, secure and elastic infrastructure to power businesses' HCL DX deployments.

Our focus is to deliver constant innovation to our platform, providing capabilities our customers need to support multiple business models. Unlike our competition, our cloud-native approach is about client choice and adoption of our software capabilities as opposed to dictating which clouds our clients run on or what data platforms they must use. Adding support for Google Cloud gives us more than just a choice for cloud workload for our clients, it gives us options for clients to take advantage of an ever-expanding set of services provided by Google Cloud — regardless whether you run the platform on-prem, or in other clouds.

Trusted for Business-Critical Digital Experiences

HCL DX is a leading, cloud-native platform used by innovative businesses across multiple industries and around the world to drive more than $100 billion in annual client revenues. With a strong track record of delivering rock-solid performance, scalability and functionality, HCL Digital Experiencetoday is at the forefront of many organizations’ digital experience strategies.

Businesses across industries will be able to develop positive, data-driven customer experiences online by leveraging Google Cloud’s capabilities in artificial intelligence, machine learning and analytics. Bringing HCL DX to Google Cloud will enable businesses to maintain their investments in HCL’s trusted digital experience platform while also taking advantage of the global reach, security, and elasticity of Google Cloud.