What Is HCL Informix?

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What Is HCL Informix?

HCL Informix® a fast, resilient, and secure database designed to deliver cost-optimized high performance to thousands of users. Scale to meet all your business demands, across globally distributed homogeneous and heterogeneous platforms, with zero downtime. Leverage HCL Informix’s small footprint and self-managing capabilities for embedded data management.

*Informix is a trademark of IBM Corporation in at least one jurisdiction and is used under license.

Solve Challenges Today and Tomorrow

HCL Informix 14.10

Upgrade in just a few easy steps. Receive maintenance and support with greater than 95% customer satisfaction from Actian’s team of tenured data experts.


Move to a robust cloud native database, at no additional cost, when ready to start your modernization journey. Get a simple path forward to the cloud, one that’s fast, affordable and minimal risk.

HCL Informix Benefits



Delivers incredible query acceleration through columnar, compressed, in-memory technology.


Always-on Transactions

High availability and enterprise replication keep data available at all times even during maintenance.


Enterprise Scale

Servers scale flexibly and dynamically balance workloads to ensure optimal use of resources.


Multi-model Versatility

Natively combine time series, geo-spatial, JSON, SQL and NOSQL data in the same database, in the same queries.


Embedded Data Management

With a footprint as small as 100 MB and its ability to run on self-managed distributed devices, HCL Informix is an ideal embedded database.


Strong Security

Encrypt data at rest and in motion for 100% secure connections. Gain control of user privileges and user access.

Flexible Deployment