About HCL BigFix on Cloud

HCL BigFix on Cloud delivers the full power of HCL’s industry-leading endpoint management and security platform delivered from the cloud. It eliminates the burden of deploying, updating, maintaining, and optimizing the HCL BigFix software and the underlying hardware infrastructure so that you can focus on managing your fleet of endpoints. HCL BigFix on Cloud also makes it easy to scale up quickly to accommodate more endpoints.
        HCL BigFix on Cloud



HCL BigFix is delivered on a robust, cloud services platform leveraged by more than 140 global customers and 150,000 users.



Choose either HCL BigFix One on Cloud, or one or more HCL BigFix on Cloud solutions, to deliver the right capabilities to your organization, anywhere around the globe.

Correlate and Analyze Data


Bring your fleet of endpoints under HCL BigFix management rapidly, speeding time-to-value and lowering implementation costs.



Manage a small or larger number of diverse endpoints with the ability to easily scale up, accommodating more endpoints and additional functionality as needs arise.



Eliminate infrastructure costs by leveraging subscription-based pricing that includes hardware, software, and infrastructure management.



HCL BigFix is delivered on a highly secure, cloud services platform that is compliant with industry standards for security and governance, including ISO 27001:2013 and SOC 2.

HCL BigFix on Cloud Products

Organizations can choose the HCL BigFix on Cloud offering that satisfies their current business need while knowing that they can expand functionality as their needs evolve.


HCL BigFix One
on Cloud

HCL BigFix Lifecycle
on Cloud

HCL BigFix Compliance
on Cloud

HCL BigFix Inventory
on Cloud

HCL BigFix Remediate
on Cloud

Multiplatform Patching


CyberFOCUS Analytics


Vulnerability Remediation


Extended Patch Content


Modern Client Management



Software Distribution




Operating System Deployment




Server Automation




Remote Desktop Control




Industry-standard based checklists




Continuous compliance (auto remediation)




Compliance analytics




Security configuration management




Anti-malware management




Software detection for 100,000+ titles




Broad multi-vendor license management




Certified IBM subcapacity license management




Software usage information




Inventory for containers




Hardware inventory




For a more complete functional listing, refer to the HCL BigFix Product Family Brochure

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