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The sell pathway enables your organization to sell or resell HCL Software products. We are focused on your organization's outcomes and collaborate to bring you solutions.





Manage Your Sell Pathway

Manage your quotes, deals, and investment protection to get the right products to your customers with the right margins for you.


Sales Enablement Tools

Use all the assets and resources HCL provides to make the most of every sales opportunity.

Sales Kits

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Price List

Explore and find pricing for HCL Software products in the areas of automation, digital solutions, secure DevOps, data management, commerce and marketing, and mainframe solutions.


To help partners and their customers gain hands-on experiences, HCL Software offers limited-use trials.

HCL Software Partner Pack

The HCL Software Partner Pack is an annual subscription to products used to build, test and demo your solutions and create proofs of concept.

HCL Software

Quickly access the product pages for HCL's most popular offerings or find complimentary products for your customers.

Gain complete visibility and control to optimize your business with automation
Drive business transformation and attain profitable outcomes
Experience and expertise to handle the explosion of data created every second
Suite of market leading, best-in-breed DevOps solutions for the enterprise
Secure, flexible, and powerful software solutions as a foundation for your organization
Essential solutions for mainframe users to optimize, modernize and enable innovation with their mainframe investments
Fresh business and technology solutions to solve real customer problems