Cloud Strategy​

HCLSoftware's cloud-hosting strategy is focused on a multi-cloud approach to increase product velocity and innovation, as well as give customers more power and choice in how they deploy our products and determine the best cloud strategy for their business. HCL will continue to be focused on developing and innovating our world-class software — and will connect you to a core set of geo-based business partners who we know and trust are well-poised to deliver the cloud services you need.

HCL cloud offerings


The on-premises software you know and love in a cloud service

Build applications and processes that last to solve any challenge, fast. Product information.
A new low-code capability that makes it easy to develop apps 70% faster. Product Information.
An enterprise-collaboration platform which helps teams work more efficiently — every day.  Product information.
Secure conversations across any device.  Product information.
Business email that understands the way you work. Product information.

Choose an HCL Cloud Hosting Managed Service Provider

Our HCL Cloud Hosting Managed Service Providers (CH-MSPs) leverage the deep skills and value added services of our Global Business Partner program to deliver cloud services directly to you. They were selected because of their years of experience and expertise. They have data centers worldwide, provide 24x7 L1 & L2 Support, have disaster recovery provisions upon request and meet/exceed industry standard security and compliance requirements. Go to the CH-MSP site of your choice to engage and learn more!

Founding year 1996 – Switzerland
Your award-winning partner for powerful communication and collaboration solutions, tailor-made software development and experienced in licensing questions.

Founding year 1998 - USA
We’re a dedicated team focused on bringing your company the best possible solutions. Our goal is to help make our clients successful.

Founding year 1996 - Australia
Known for our innovation and thinking past the problem at hand, ISW is able to deliver complex software solutions and value to our clients business.

Founding year 1998 – Germany
TIMETOACT GROUP is the inventor of the Connections Engagement Center, experienced Connections & Domino Service Provider and the largest HCL Partner in Central Europe.

Founding year 2013 – France
Uniquely focused on collaboration and communications, Connelink provides innovative solutions to help people work together, increase productivity, secure IT systems, and cut costs.

Founding year 2009 – Italy
Factor-y is a 'full-stack' HCL Digital Solutions service provider and system integrator. After ten years in the market we're still fresh and ready to implement solutions in the most unexpected and engaging way.

Founding year 2003 – Africa
An Independent Technology Specialist in development, software, hardware & strategy. mySolutions is a dynamic team of dedicated professionals who are committed to delivering the highest quality services and value to its ustomers. The first and only HCL MSP in Africa.

Cloud-Hosting: When an End Marks a New Beginning

We announced the end of support for Connections Cloud July 2019. Find out what you need to know about the HCL Cloud Hosting Master Service Providers.