IT organizations of all sizes are continually challenged to reduce costs and simplify operations. Cost savings initiatives are always important to improve profitability, especially when revenues are decreasing or flat. Fortunately, HCL BigFix provides several key ways to slash costs while improving IT processes and staff productivity.

Consolidate Tools

Many organizations have unintentionally created management silos, often based on operating system, requiring a specialized staff and numerous infrastructure components. BigFix can help organizations consolidate tools, reduce costs and improve staff efficiency.

5 Steps to Alleviating Endpoint Management Tool Sprawl

Understand why and how to consolidate tools using BigFix, including how to cost-justify tool consolidation.
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Radical Simplicity: 5 Steps to Alleviating Endpoint Management Sprawl

Outlines a 5-step process for driving radically simplifying endpoint management tools and overviews a real-life case study about how a large IT organization consolidated six tools to one (6:1).
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Automate Compliance

Patch and regulatory compliance as cyberattack continue to rise and threaten business operations. BigFix continuously enforces configuration compliance with thousands of out-of-the-box security checks aligned with industry-standard security benchmarks, and speeds reporting.

Harden you Servers with BigFix Compliance

Server Hardening more than just patching. It is the process of enhancing server security which results in a much more secure server operating environment.
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Implementing CIS Controls with BigFix

BigFix can help organizations speed the implementation of CIS Controls, a set of best practices to block security attacks and establish a better defense posture.
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Reduce Software Costs

Reduce software costs by identifying unused or underused licenses, and dramatically reducing the time required to conduct a comprehensive software asset inventory.

Maintain Software Audit Readiness and Compliance with BigFix Inventory

Software compliance audits can be burdensome and costly for IT organizations already strapped for time. BigFix inventory can speed inventory time, prove license compliance, and provide usage information to improve software allocation.
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BigFix Inventory is Equivalent to ILMT

BigFix Inventory is validated equivalent to the IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT), ensuring IBM license compliance and reducing the possibility of non-compliance fines.
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Speed Patching

Patch cycles, inclusive of remediation of failed patches, are often long and labor intensive. BigFix helps speed patch cycles by providing pre-build Fixlets for many operating systems and third-party applications. The BigFix autopatch capability specifically speeds initial testing of patches.

The Continuous Wave of Critical Windows Patches Emphasizes the Need for Speed and Automation

Critical Windows vulnerabilities require fast and effective patching. Understand patching best practices to prevent cyberattacks.
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BigFix Patching Best Practices for Existing Users

Implementing patching best practices will drive efficiency, eliminate disruptions during your patch cycles, and help keep your endpoints secure.
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Save Energy

Implementing power management across all managed desktops can reduce power consumption, energy costs, and security risk.

Power Management is Still Relevant

Power management has gained renewed interest to many IT and security organizations. BigFix Lifecycle can reduce the threat landscape while saving energy.
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BigFix helped Penn State save Energy

Penn State acquired BigFix for their Desktop Power Management Initiative, which helped reduce power consumption by more than 287,000 kWh ($24,620) per year.
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Ensure Your Work from Home Endpoint Fleet is Secure and Compliant.

This BigFix Work From Home Solution Guide walks you through how HCL BigFix helps you enroll, deploy, secure and support remote endpoints, enabling your entire workforce to work from home while ensuring continuous, secure business operations.

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